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MCS Podcast 58: Shelter-In-Place Mistakes (That Can Get You Killed!)


When a disaster or crisis strikes, the best place for you to be is most likely going to be in your home where you and your family can wait out the threat.

But if you make any one of these 5 common “shelter-in-place” mistakes, you could be in for a rude awakening… and potentially a life-or-death struggle you didn’t plan well enough for.

Shelter In Place Myths That Can Get You Killed

Shelter In Place Survival Planning

Here’s what awaits you in this week’s episode…

  • A common mistake you may be making with prepping your family for a disaster.  This one is hard to un-do… so the sooner you learn this principle the better!
  • Got food?  Good, because when the grocery store shelves go empty and all you have is the food in your cupboards, you’re gonna want to avoid this big mistake that could leave you and your family starving!
  • Think you’re gonna drink out of your bathtub when the SHTF?   Think again… and follow my “magic water tricks” to pull clean, drinkable water from thin air.
  • Get that spraypaint can ready for your “Looters Will Be Shot” sign!  (Or maybe not?)
  • The #1 biggest mistake nearly everyone makes… and it (should) drastically change your prepping priorities TODAY!

Sometimes it’s the “wrong” decisions that are more dangerous than even not having a plan at all.

Heed my warnings… and fine-tune your own shelter-in-place plan now.

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What OTHER Mistakes Do You Think People Make In Their Shelter-In-Place Survival Planning?

Please Share Your Observations Below Now…

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