MCS 138: "No Chopper Syndrome"! (Part 2 Of 6 - No-B.S. Military Stories)

MCS 138: “No Chopper Syndrome”! (Part 2 Of 6 – No-B.S. Military Stories)

In this 2nd episode of my 6-part series where I share my personal memoirs of my military years, I want to talk with you about “best case survival scenarios”.

You know the ones…

… where everything goes exactly as planned and you and “the fam” are able to ride off into the sunset on your pet unicorns while the zombies around you are feeding on each other.

Yeah… you probably know that’s not gonna happen, right?

I’ve seen good plans turn bad enough times – but now it’s time to you do something about it!

And this week, I’ll share 3 survival tips from the all-to-common “no chopper syndrome” we experienced in the infantry to help you be fully prepared no matter what.

No “BS” Military Stories: Survival Tips For FUBAR Scenarios

Military Survival Training Tips

Here’s what you’ll discover in this week’s episode…

  • What a Mt. Everest expeditionary shares with every military commander when planning for the next mission – and why you MUST use these same tactics in your survival plan so you don’t meet the same fate as your unprepared neighbors!
  • The most critical steps hardly ANYONE takes when prepping their bug-out plan! (Note – This is especially critical for “older” folks and the disabled… but just as important for anyone who understands just how fast things can go south in a crisis!)
  • “Never say die!”  Your family is counting on you to protect them when all hell breaks loose.  Do you have these 5 areas covered?

No matter whether you’re just starting out or consider yourself an “expert”… check your plan now against these hard-learned lessons!

Resources Mentioned In The Show:

Do YOU Have A Personal Story That Taught You A Valuable Survival Lesson?

Please Share Your Experience And What You Learned Below Now…

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