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Who Says “Doomsday” Isn’t Coming? Even NASA Says These 5 Things Can Cause A Wide-Scale Collapse…

I hate to say I told you so…

Yet another report by a university research team reviewing NASA data warns of some “end of days” scenarios I’m always talking about.

According to their calculations, we’re in very serious danger of a complete meltdown at any point within the next 5-10 years.

NASA is even trying to distance itself (from its own data!) and downplay the language of the report in order to prevent public panic!

You see, in this report, the researchers explain that every societal collapse in the last 5,000 years has been because of the convergence of five factors… and… 

Here Are 5 Things NASA (Yes, THAT NASA!) Says Could Collapse Life As We Know It…

NASA's Terrifying Doomsday Prediction
The Five Things NASA Says Can Cause An APOCALYPSE!

These five factors brought down the most technologically advanced and economically prosperous civilization of their day, including the mighty Roman Empire.

  • Population Increase: It’s a simple truth, but one worth remembering… more people means greater demands on limited resources.
  • Climate Change: Whether you think it’s man-made or not, climate change is always happening… and can have disastrous effects, displacing huge populations, with the Institute For Economics And Peace predicting 1.2 billion climate refugees by 2050.
  • Water Availability: After air it’s the most immediate survival need… and countries are already fighting over water… pushing several nations to the brink of war!
  • Agriculture: Water isn’t just for drinking… it’s also for crops and cattle… and when they’re not being properly watered it impacts the food supply… this isn’t happening in some far off land halfway around the globe, but much closer to home in California and Kansas!
  • Energy Resources: Fossil fuels are another source of conflict between nations as supply decreases and the demand increases… Saudi Arabia is already planning for a post-oil world. 

Now the issue isn’t any one of these five factors exists alone… the problem arises when one or more of them create secondary effects, namely huge economic divides between the “haves” and “have nots” and strains on the natural resources beyond their “carrying capacity.”

In other words, too many people and not enough stuff to go around, with a few people at the top gobbling everything up and the masses at the bottom fighting over the scraps.

Sound familiar?

Worse yet, technology is unlikely to “fix” these problems… in fact, the report says that it might even make them worse by increasing energy consumption.

3 Reasons Why We Know NASA Isn’t “Full Of Bull”

You might not take these warnings seriously… but you should!

NASA is about more than just sticking robots on Mars… they’re also a serious scientific research institute with an eye on the “big picture.”

There are 3 clear signs that there’s at least some merit to their “doom and gloom” predictions.

Reason #1: The Elites Are Prepping For “The End”

Look at what those who “have” are doing right now

Bill Gates is somewhat notoriously buying up as much farmland as he can in the United States.

And he’s not the only one!

Purchasing farmland has also become a bit of trend with NBA superstars and other celebrities who seem to be hedging their bets on the future of civilization.

It’s always important to look at what the rich and powerful are doing… when they seem fearful I pay attention.

Reason #2: The “Water Wars” Have Already Begun!

It’s not in the realm of “science fiction”… it’s already happening today!

The super-wealthy aristocracy of Saudi Arabia is already buying up huge tracts of land – not for oil… but for the WATER that lies underneath!

It gets worse

…,multiple countries are already fighting over the precious resource of water, including…

…Egypt and Ethiopia…

…China and basically all of Southeast Asia…

…and the nuclear-armed nations of Pakistan and India!

Because water is such a valuable and increasingly scarce resource… tensions between nations over water could easily spiral out of control… up to and including nuclear war. 

Reason #3: “Climate Refugees” Are Coming Your Way!

It’s not happening halfway around the world… it’s happening right here and now!

Now you may say “the climate is always changing”… and you’d be right…

…but how are you preparing for those changes and their consequences?

When I say “climate refugee” you probably think of some impoverished person halfway around the world…

…but the United States is already producing climate refugees of its own!

For example…

…only a very small percentage of those impacted by the 2018 Sierra Madre wildfires chose to return home!

That equates to tens of thousands of climate refugees packing up and moving somewhere else.

Add to that the stereotypical “Third World refugees” fleeing climate disasters and… you’re looking at a lot of “new neighbors” competing for scarce resources.

Discover The #1 Problem With Most Preppers’ Plans For A Collapse Scenario

It’s just a fact…

To survive a collapse scenario you need more than just a stockpile of food, water and gear.

Sadly, though, 99.9 percent of preppers… including self-appointed “prepper gurus” with no real experience with real collapse scenarios build the base of their “survival pyramid” with a lot of “stuff.”

There’s a huge problem with centering your preparedness around a giant cache of supplies.

You need to consider how everyone around you is going to start acting when they have no way to feed their families. 

It takes about 3 days for your neighbors… the guys you were knocking back a brewski with at the cookout last weekend… to turn into ravenous raiders, ready to do absolutely anything to feed themselves and their families.

The fact is you need training to prepare you for how to act during a collapse, because your biggest threat is going to be from people who failed to wisely prepare themselves in advance of a collapse.

Lots of people are out there offering “advice”… but they’ve never seen collapse first hand… so all they’re doing is “guessing” at what’s going to happen when the food deliveries stop, the water treatment systems collapse and the sewers start backing up into your living room.

I’ve been in a real collapse scenario and I know how people really act like when things start to go south, with no hope of relief anytime soon.

You don’t need to be a badass Special Forces operator to survive a collapse…

…but you do need to know what to do — not just what to own — when the SHTF.

Check out my “5-Minute Survival Guide” to learn the most essential tips you need for standing any kind of a chance in a collapse scenario… if you’re ever in one, you’ll be glad you did.

Which Of These Scenarios Do You Think Is “Most Likely?” Which Are You Not Worried About At All?

Leave Your Thoughts In The Comments Below!

  • Climate change?! I never thought WL would go ‘woke.’ I’m glad I cancelled my paid service.

    • Have you not heard of the Medieval Warm Period and the Little Ice Age? The climate is always changing, human-influenced or not.

    • Avatar photo Jeff Anderson says:

      Sorry you feel that way Stan, but, if one wee little article is all it takes for you to abandon training then I guess it’s best for all of us. You should take off your political glasses when reading our material so you can see the message that lies underneath. Ignorance of ANY threat only makes it MORE of a threat. Slapping a “woke” label on it doesn’t make it any less real.

      For the record… there’s “science” and there’s “media”. I look at the science. Of course there have been periods of excessive heat and extreme temperatures throughout time. That’s why we still have “record high temps” that were recorded decades ago and are still a “record”. But we’ve also had FAR more incidents of wildfires, hurricanes, droughts, etc. States like AZ have had to deal with evaporating rivers and how to service crops, cattle, and people. That being said, I’ve also seen reservoirs dry up to the size of a puddle in Texas… and then fill back up a few years later. It’s not a consistent, linear path to “doomsday” and it doesn’t have to be zombies coming out of the ground to chew your face off. These pressures are being felt locally and can affect any of us. People in Texas died because of a deep freeze they weren’t prepared for.

      As a side note… the Pentagon and Dept. Of Defense have stated that “climate changes” pose a significant threat to our readiness from several different angles.

      When you watch the news, don’t just swallow the media’s pill that’s meant to work you up into a voting frenzy. Yes, the climate is ALWAYS changing… but are you PREPARING for these changes – because they’re happening right now and are predicted to get worse.

  • Jeff,
    Many years ago, as a college freshman, I came across several articles about the future landscape of the USA with maps. I am now sorry I did not copy the URLs, but I did copy the maps. I now know the USA is in for a great land loss of the East and West coastlines. If you would like a copy of those maps just let me know.
    Thank you for your weekly information and tips.

    • Was this based on sea level rise? I have seen various maps that show what different parts of the world would look like with a 10-, 20-, 50- or 80-metre sea level rise but these predictions are based on various conjectures, many of which are not playing out as they supposed. The sea is rising … but only at about 2mm per year. So in 50 years, it might have risen about 100mm or 4 inches!

  • Wipe OUT the human race? Maybe severely reduce it, but the 5points above will not eliminate us. Either you, or NASA. have to rework the title here.
    Yes, we COULD be in for a world of hurt, and I’m trying to be ready for most scenarios, but IF the human race goes out, I’m a long long way from being able to beat the odds, not at “just about to collect SS age” like I am. I’ll hang on for a year or 3, maybe 4, but meds will be what eventually does me in if my fellow human beings don’t. Some drugs just aren’t feasible to manufacture in a smaller community in a post- SHTF scenario.

    I enjoy a LOT of what you put up, but this one needs a little tweaking, thanks much.

    • Avatar photo Jeff Anderson says:

      Yeah, maybe “wiping us out” seems a bit over-the-top. 🙂 “Doomsday” is relative and can be local or wide-scale for the time being… but over the long haul, I think our path to a monumental reset is unfortunately accelerating. I don’t like what I see out there and I’m not usually phased by these things. Ugh!

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