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Pandemic Survival: Three Myths That Could Get You KILLED

Jeff Anderson

All you have to do is watch the news to see more and more warning signs that the world’s health and medical community is nearing a state of panic, from ineffective vaccines to medicine-resistant strains of viruses, and even the scare of deadly diseases such as COVID-19… or worse.

The Centers for Disease Control admitted a long time ago that we were well overdue for a wide-scale pandemic outbreak, and we’re ill-prepared for it.

That’s to say nothing of the other stuff that’s happening, as well as the downside of antibiotics losing their effectiveness… even on diseases we thought were easy to wipe out.

When you’re staring at your child, or your grandchild, suffering in a bed with a weak, pale face, uncontrollable chills, an unbreakable fever, looking back at you with failing hope in their eyes, is, “I’m sorry, there’s nothing we can do,” really what you want to hear as you watch them fade away?

As a survivalist and a protector, you know that you are the only one you and your family can truly depend on in a crisis.

But how can you help your family if a pandemic outbreak strains our medical system beyond capacity and suddenly care is hard to find, and antibiotics or antiviral medications are harder still to come by?

The first thing you can do is educate yourself… and to do that, you’ve got to unlearn what you think you know that might be wrong.

I spoke with my friend Mike Adams about the three biggest myths about pandemics.

Here’s what he had to tell me.

Three KILLER Myths About Pandemics!

Pandemic Survival: Three Myths That Will Get You KILLED
Pandemic Survival Myths
Mike Adams

There is so much misinformation out there.

Take, for example, the idea of vaccines.

I’m not against immunization, but I can tell you that when you take the time to research a lot of vaccines, you learn something disturbing.

Many of them simply do not work.

That, therefore, is myth number 1 when it comes to pandemic information that the public believes.

Pandemic Myth Number 1: Vaccines Will Protect You

Some vaccines say right on their inserts that they can spread the disease that they’re trying to prevent.

For example, if you read a chickenpox vaccine insert sheet that comes with the vaccine, it says this can spread chickenpox.

If you read a measles or a mumps vaccine insert, it says this doesn’t work on everyone.

If you read an HPV Gardasil vaccine insert, it says that young girls, after they’re injected with this, can lose consciousness and fall down and hurt themselves.

That’s printed on the sheet.

So if you have blind faith in vaccines and nothing else, then you’re stupid.

Vaccines have a role to play in society, but they are not the one only answer.

When it comes to pandemics, the vaccine development curve is always far behind the pandemic itself.

If you get a flu vaccine and travel back in time to last year, you’ll be protected.

But this year’s flu strains have already mutated and they’re different.

In a pandemic, in a viral pandemic, you’ve got to realize that a virus is the quasi life form on our planet that mutates more rapidly than any other life form on the planet.

It changes more rapidly than a bacterium or an amoeba, or certainly primates or mammals of any kind.

Even if the vaccine industry tries to nail it, they’re usually behind the curve and the disease has already mutated to be something different.

That means you cannot afford to have blind faith in vaccines.

Pandemic Myth #2: The Government Will Tell You The Truth

The second myth is that the government is going to tell you the truth about what’s happening in a pandemic.

One organization of which we must be skeptical is the CDC.

The CDC has engaged in documented cover-ups, including silencing whistle-blowers.

They’ve openly lied to the public, too.

Remember the Ebola epidemic before this current pandemic?

The CDC claimed it couldn’t be spread through aerosolized particles in the air, after admitting in a deleted document on their website that it could be.

They will change their story whenever they’re told to do so, often by the White House.

Pandemic Myth #3: The Media Will Tell You The Truth

The media is just as bad as the government when it comes to pandemics.

They aren’t going to tell the truth, either (and they’ve helped ramp up the panic over COVID-19).

During the Ebola scare I mentioned, there was a day right before the midterm elections in 2014.

The entire national press was told to stop talking about Ebola.

It was scaring people too much.

Everybody across the board went silent and stopped reporting Ebola infections, Ebola hospitalizations, Ebola patients being flown to the USA, and so on.

And just like that, the story disappeared from the news cycle.

What it comes down to is that in a pandemic, vaccines are not a cure-all.

The government is going to lie to you.

The media is going to do whatever its told by the government.

That leaves you, alone, trying to protect your family from the risk of pandemic.

Learn what you need to know NOW, so you can take the steps to survive when it finally happens.

It’s not a matter of IF, but of WHEN the next pandemic occurs.

Are You Preparing For Pandemic?

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