MCS Pocast 15: Zombie Defense With Jake Sepulveda

MCS Pocast 15: Zombie Defense With Jake Sepulveda

Who says the undead have nothing to teach us?

Despite the fantasy aspect of the zombie apocalypse threat, there’s actually a lot you can learn from the survival scenarios depicted in zombie movies, shows, and books… if you’re paying attention.

In this podcast, Jake Sepulveda reveals some real-world “zombie defense squad” survival tactics that could protect you in a collapse.

What The “Zombie Apocalypse” Teaches Us About Real-Life Survival

zombie apocalypse survival tips

Here’s what you’ll discover when you listen in:

  • The 5 types of “zombies” that you could bump into on your way to the TEOTWAWKI supermarket!
  • Zombie weapons for your own personal collapse arsenal! (Bash their brains before they eat yours!)
  • How to avoid detection not only from the “walking dead”, but from looters, beggars, and government  henchmen on a FEMA round-up run!
  • Pandemic viruses, toxic exposure, and avoiding the “infected” in a post-collapse wasteland!
  • Do you watch “The Walking Dead”? Check out our real-world survival tactics from Rick, Daryl and the gang!

If you wake up one morning with a walker chewing on your eyeballs because you didn’t listen to this podcast and follow our advice… well… better you than me, amigo!

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