Defeat A Padlock: Quick Survival Tip (Fastest"Lock-Picking" Method EVER!)

Defeat A Padlock: Quick Survival Tip (Fastest”Lock-Picking” Method EVER!)

A simple padlock shouldn’t stand between you and your escape to safety or the supplies you need to “acquire” in a survival scenario.

That’s why I’ve always said that lock-picking is a really cool “advanced” skill to master for when the sh*t hits the fan.

Defeating Padlocks: Tips For Picking Locks
How To Pick A Lock: Quick Tip For Defeating (Circumventing) Padlocks

But John from Atlanta, GA sent us a tip recently for urban escape and evasion.

It’s a method that you should always consider first…

“Your survival gear for your home and car should include a pair of bolt cutters.

This is a piece of equipment overlooked by many and when a padlock is in the way of your escape or some much-needed resupply, you need a way to break the lock – quickly and quietly – or you’re out of luck.

You may not want to alert the entire neighborhood that you’re banging away on a padlock with a crowbar or a brick, either. 

A pair of bolt cutters solves all these problems.”

– Submitted by John, Atlanta, GA

Most of the time, “simple” is the best strategy, eh?

P.S. – By the way… after John’s advice, I went shopping for bolt cutters and found them to be REALLY expensive (like over $150).

But I picked up a set of heavy duty ones at a pawn shop for 20 bucks for my “bug-out mobile” and some 14 in. ones for 5 bucks for my go-bag.

Always think outside the box when it comes to escape and evasion!

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