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3 Reasons Why Rambo Doesn’t Own A Swiss Army Knife (And The Best Survival Knife For When TSHTF)

When you think of a big survival knife, you probably think of Rambo, and you may also be tempted to dismiss big battle blades like these as impractical for real survival in a non-action-movie world.

But if you read our survival weapons guide, you’d know that these oversized pig-stickers CAN save your life when it all goes wrong!

In fact, big knives can do things that small knives can’t (or that smaller blades don’t do as well) so…

What’s The Best Survival Knife? Well, Rambo Has
3 Little-Known Reasons Why His Big-Ass Knife Rules…

Rambo With Survival Knife

1. Obstacle Breaching

A big ol’ Rambo knife can give you power and leverage that smaller blades can’t.

This is useful for when you need a lever, a prybar, or simply a large cutter when you need to get through a barrier or even rescue someone trapped in a vehicle.

Survival knives supplied to airmen had serrations specifically to help them cut through the aluminum skin of aircraft.

A nice big knife can get you through a doorjamb or a window with ease… and with brute force if the “ease” part doesn’t work out.

Try to pull any of that off with a Swiss Army Knife, MacGuyver!

2. Improvised Axe

A big survival knife can be used to hack down small trees and to chop wood when you don’t have an axe.

A sturdy survival knife can be “batoned” through wood – just stand a cut log vertically (like you would if you were using an axe).

Then place the blade edge directly over it and pound it with another hunk of wood like a hammer until you work the knife down through the log.

Your pocket blade can’t do that!

3. Superior Fighter

I know most survivalists think that a firearm is the best survival weapon – and most of the time, it is.

But the secret to building the best survival weapon arsenal is to know the right weapon to use at the right time.

Gunshots have a way of attracting unwanted attention and in a collapse environment – even if you were justified in shooting – you can be sure that your firearm will be confiscated by law enforcement or military (or even looters who want what you’ve got).

But even in unskilled hands, a big knife gives you a serious “back off now!” factor as well as the advantage of reach and power if you need to dance to defend your life – especially if you no longer have a firearm as an option.

What’s The Best Survival Knife For When TSHTF?

When you’re “wheels up” and bugging out because of a disaster or collapse, your choice of a big-ass survival blade is one of the most important gear decisions you’ll make.

When I’m out camping, I use my knife several times a day and it’s my most trusted utility companion.

Personally, right now, I’m a big fan of my Gerber LMFII, but everyone has their own personal preference, so let me hear from you…

What Knife Do YOU Carry In Your Survival Gear?

Please Share Your Personal Choice Below…
(And Upload A Picture If You Can!)

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