Real Street Fights: Self-Defense Training Is A WASTE Of Time!

Real Street Fights: Self-Defense Training Is A WASTE Of Time!

I’ve taken more than a dozen martial arts over my lifetime.

From Kung Fu to Karate to Mixed Martial Arts, to Krav Maga and WW2 close quarters combat… I have to say, I’m a pretty decent “fighter.”

I’ve had my own experiences in bar fights and in scraps… even in dealing with gangs, believe it or not.

I have some “street cred”, in other words.

But… honestly?

I think most self-defense training is actually a waste of time.

So hear me out, because I’m going to explain…

Why (Almost ALL) “Self-Defense” Training Is A Life-Threatening WASTE Of Time!

Real Street Fights Self-Defense Training FAIL
Real Street Fights: Self-Defense Training FAIL

Ok, before all you Bruce Lees out there get your tighty-whiteys in a wad, notice I said “almost all”.

Yes, I’ve trained in many martial arts and self-defense systems that had GREAT moves that really work.

And ANY time you can get physical with another human being, it’s better than counting on your 27th viewing of a Jackie Chan movie as all you’ll need.

But the real questions I need to ask when it comes to preparing for a violent street attack are…

Are you even training AT ALL?

And if so, HOW do you train?

For the “not at all” crowd… are you hoping that you just won’t ever be caught without your gun or your knife?

Well, I have to tell you, my friend…

…when it comes to a REAL street fight, “hope” is not a solution!

When some attacker gets in your face, puts his finger in your chest, and tells you he’s going to beat the ever-loving sh*t out of you, you’re going to wish you knew a few simple moves to respond!

(No worries. I have a simple fix for you here in just a minute. But first, on to dealing with my 2nd question…)

Unfortunately, based on the people I’ve talked to, if you ARE training to fight, you’re most likely training in the relaxed atmosphere of a local martial arts school.

You’re working with people you think of as “friends”… and you’re NOT really getting your head bashed in, or stomped on, by your training partner’s buddies with their size 11 steel-toed sh*t kickers!

Punching the air… kicking some foam pads… “pulling” your punches when sparring so no one gets hurt… learning that if the “bad guy” attacks *this* way, you respond *that* way… and so on.

Well, have you ever heard the phrase…

As you train, so shall you fight?!

Bottom line… if you’re used to “fighting” your buddies while scoring points…

…If they let you take breaks when you’re tired… and call “time out” when you might actually be hurt…

…Then I hate to say it, but that’s just not gonna save your arse when you’re facing someone who uses “fighting” as his career skill the way you and I may use a hammer, computer, or whatever.

Oh no my friend… real thugs out there are “training” a whole lot different than the “martial arts schmoes” they’re targeting…

In prison, these scumbags aren’t practicing katas.

They’re fighting for their lives.

They’re learning the right time to strike — when you least expect it.

They’re learning how to hide a weapon — and how to use it.

In other words, criminals are “training” by getting their knuckles (and their boots) bloody in actual street combat!

On the street, they’re getting real-world experience in how to make people like you and me — honest, law-abiding folks — victims!

All those fancy martial arts moves will only get you KILLED in a real street fight.

You’ll fight as you’ve trained — and that means they aren’t worried about you hurting them at all.

They know you can’t stop them… and now YOU know it.

But the good news is that you DON’T have to train day in and day out just to defeat these thugs.

You also don’t have to go out and get into real fights to have a chance to take on real criminals.  (“PHEW!”, right? hahaha)

Here’s what I’ve discovered in studying… training for… and getting into real fights…

It all comes down to knowing how to throw “the switch” in your mind in a fight!

You see, your best weapon in any attack ISN’T your fists, feet, elbows, etc.

It’s your BRAIN!

What I’ve come to understand over the years is that most people – even trained martial artists – focus too much on “defense”.

“Defense” kills!

The only way you can hope to survive a brutal attack – especially from someone who is bigger, stronger, and more experienced than you – is to…

First know WHEN you’re actually in a “fight”…

…and THEN be able to take that FIRST SHOT!

Yes, I said it.

YOU take the first shot!

NOT doing so will likely make you a crumpled, bloody mess – unconscious on the floor – while everyone around you just watches, afraid.

But if you can learn to spot the “hidden signs” of a fight…

…If you can identify WHEN that thug is going to strike, (I even use a little trick that MAKES him give himself away!)…

…then you can “flip the switch” and take him down with some VERY simple, easy movies.

If you want to test yourself on this, go ahead and watch this video of a “real attack” caught on camera…

(Warning: The video is violent. No blood or gore… but hard to watch for some.)

As you watch it, see if you can tell the point when the victim should have realized that he was NOT going to get out of fighting this hulking mass of brutality.

If you watch closely, you’ll see when he “should” have struck his aggressor to avoid what comes next.

Now of course, when you DO decide to strike, you have to know HOW to hit with enough power to knock even someone THIS huge down to the ground, right?

I get it.

That’s where “self-defense training” comes in, eh?


A “KI-AI!” karate punch into his thick torso is only gonna piss him off – right before he mops up the floor with you.

(Spare me the hate mail all you board-breakers out there.  Yes, I’m sure that YOUR secret kung-fu monkey-punch is an instant man-killer! Ugh!)

If you want, that page also has an offer for a free DVD where I show you how just a few simple moves (that I’ve used in real fights against much larger attackers) is all you really need.

These moves have worked for me — and they’ve worked EVERY TIME I’ve had to use them.

You don’t need to practice these more than a few times, and you don’t need a padded training partner either.

You can do it right at home.

If you’re curious, you could check out what I teach people using this special link…

Either way, please take my warning seriously and think more about the “mental” side of fighting.

It will absolutely save your life!

What Are Your Best Tips A Street Fight?

Please Share Your Best Suggestions Below Now…

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