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Should You Really Be Worried About An Ebola Pandemic Outbreak Coming To The US?

Ok, this isn’t some scare tactic or “fearporn” b.s. that others will feed you.

But it does require you to think BEYOND the typical scare tactics you may have seen about a possible Ebola outbreak here in the U.S. (or other industrial country).

You see, just yesterday, the Center For Disease Control did confirm another case of Ebola diagnosed in a patient in Dallas, TX (a wee bit close to home for little ‘ol me).

Now that would normally spark off a paranoid time-bomb pandemic scare that could force you to tape up your doors and windows until all the germs are gone, but…

Should You REALLY Be Worried About An Ebola Pandemic Outbreak Coming To The U.S.?

Should You Be Worried About An Ebola Outbreak

The answer is “no”… sort of… at least not yet… but with a little twist…

You see, the good news is, Ebola is relatively easy to contain and is only contagious in the heat of symptoms in the patient.

In fact, the spread is only classified as an “ICD-2”, meaning it’s only likely to contaminate up to 2 more people other for every 1 person infected.

For comparison, other wide-spread disease outbreaks (such as measles), can go up to an ICD-10 and then we’re in a whole lotta trouble.

But here’s the bad news…

The WORST Place To Be During A Pandemic Outbreak Is The FIRST Place Most People Go!

The most likely to be infected with the Ebola virus (or any other outbreak) are health care workers because they’re the ones handling the fluids of the infected.

Now… imagine that you’re thrust into a true pandemic scenario – the likes of which the CDC and World Health Organization has been warning us about for years.

Where would you go if you or a family member needed any sort of medical attention – even if it wasn’t due to symptoms of an outbreak?

Obviously the hospital or other medical facility, right?

Yet, as we’ve seen all around the U.S., one of the worst places to be that could actually GET you sick is in a hospital because they’ll be jam-packed with the sick and infected.

Unforunately, what other choice do most people have, right?

Be Your Own “Survival Doctor” And Protect Your Family Now (AND During A Crisis)!

This is perhaps one of the most under-trained skills every survivalist needs to reconsider.

The only way for you to be able to avoid heading down to the local germ pool, is to have the knowledge and supplies needed to treat at least minor injuries and illnesses yourself.

And I’m not just talking about stocking up on band-aids and fish antibiotics.

Recently I’ve been doing a lot of investigation and practice of natural healing practices like essential oils after seeing them at a recent Self-Reliance Expo and talking with some friends who have been using them for years (one credits essential oils for saving his life last year).

I recently invited people to a workshop that showed how to use essential oils for survival medicine. There was a replay of the workshop but I’m not sure if it’s still there or not.  If that link above is still good, watch it before it comes down.

I’ve begun using the techniques and supplies talked about in that free workshop and already, I’ve saved myself a trip to the doctor when my young son had what looked like the beginning of strep throat.

A few drops of lemon oil… and a few drops of frankincense… gargled twice a day… and he was good as new in 4 days.

I gotta tell you, as a self-reliant patriot, I’m really getting into being my own doctor!

This is must-know information for the true survivalist who doesn’t want to be dependent on failed government medical support when things start to melt.

Your family will be counting on you!

What Other Natural Health And Medical Skills Do You Think Are Worth Researching To “Be Your Own Doctor” In A Collapse?

Please Share Your Suggestions Below…

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