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Building Your “Looter Defense Plan”: Do You Live Anywhere Near These 9 Buildings?

When a disaster is headed your way, you quickly see who in your town is prepared and who isn’t.

What naturally happens is that those who think us “survivalists” are crazy, all end up in the same locations, scrambling for help…

• Gas stations
• Grocery stores
• Hardware stores
• Hospitals

These are the very LAST places you want to go to in order to survive a collapse scenario.

Tempers flare… arguments start… fist-fights break out… even riots have been known to happen!  But…

Here Are 5 More “Looting Hot-Spots” To Avoid When TSHTF…

Ok, here’s what you must understand about the “looter mind-set”…

When the “wolves” of our society feel there’s no consequence for their actions, they begin their “mental shopping list of freebies”.

They think about what they’ve been needing for some time but weren’t able to get because of the expense.

This makes certain locations a hot-spot for looting and violence and you must be on HIGH-ALERT if you live anywhere near these 5 businesses…

1. Check-Cashing & Quickee Loan Offices

Looter Defense Planning In A Collapse

Those who are used to cashing their pay checks at offices that often don’t require identification or are just convenient for those without a bank account know that these places have cash on hand but don’t have the security of a “real” bank.

2. Auto Parts Stores

How To Protect Yourself From Looters In A Riot

During the LA Riots of 1992, the auto parts stores were stripped clean within a matter of minutes.

Everything from motor oil to brake pads to carburetors that people needed for tune-ups and repairs.

3. Shoe Stores

Defending Yourself In A Looting Riot

True story… when conflict broke out in Panama in 1989, the very next day after our initial attack, it seemed like every kid in the country had a brand new pair of shiny white tennis shoes.

Specialty shoe stores that harbor those $200 Air Jordans become one of the first shopping points for young, angry men who couldn’t afford them before the choas hit.

4. Convenient Stores

How To Survive A Riot And Looting

First of all, they’re a prime “target of opportunity” because they’re everywhere.

And they have 2 things looters prize almost more than shoes:  drugs and diapers!

Nuff said.

5. Sporting Goods Stores

Looting During Riot

Another hot-spot during the LA Riots were the sporting goods stores.


Guns. Guns. Guns.

It’s like the ultimate Christmas for criminals who can’t legally buy a firearm but can suddenly get all they can carry for free and without registering.

Are YOU Prepared For Social Chaos, Riots & Looting?

Do an analysis (today) of your home’s location in relation to any of the locations I’ve mentioned to see if you’re in the potential path of the looting sprees that typically follow any sort of collapse or crisis that can engulf your area.

Then consider your current status on being prepared if your town were to break out in unrest.

How much gas is in your car’s tank right now? (Hint: It should be at least half full at all times!)

How much dry-good food supplies do you have stocked away?  (Your fridge food will spoil!)

Do you have supplies to fortify your home against weather (and looters)?

Do you have first-aid supplies available? (9-1-1 will NOT respond in a collapse!)

Do you have an “invisible bug-out bag” ready to grab and go?

Procrastination is the biggest enemy of the true survivalist so if you don’t have your bases covered, plan NOW for “little steps” each day.

Tiny steps lead to great destinations and you never know what one single item can mean the difference between life or death.

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