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SERE Training Tactics: Best Way To Turn Yourself “Invisible” On The Run!

And the worst camouflage plan ever goes to (drum roll please)….

…North Korea!

Judging from the picture below, they look like they’re planning to do battle in a field of lime trees.

But if you’re ever facing an aggressive force, you may not be so lucky to be facing someone so stupid.

Whether you’re trying to evade a hostile military force, kidnappers in a foreign land, or a group of looters or rioters in a situation of civil unrest, you can learn a lot from military SERE training (Survival, Evasion, Resistance, and Escape).

The tactics learned in this school include the best methods for disguising your movement and remaining undetectable while on the run.

3 Escape & Evasion Tips From U.S. Military SERE School

Worst Camo Ever

When trying to evade an aggressive force, or someone who is tracking you, staying on the move seems like a natural necessity.

But of course you don’t want to leave an obvious trail for someone to follow you, one that will lead your pursuers right to you.

1) Look and Act Like a Local

One important SERE tactic is that, if overseas in a city environment, act like a local.

Study them.

See how they walk… how do they bend… how do they stand… and how they carry themselves.

Learning to imitate these movements can prevent you from looking like a foreigner.

You must act like the locals and look like the locals.

If someone comes right up to you and interrogates you directly, there may be nothing you can do.

But if you can blend in with the local from a distance, you’ve mastered the first SERE secret that will save your life.

2) Mask Your Movements

When moving in urban environments, a key SERE tactic is to zigzag.

Zigzag movements will help you because if someone is trying to find you, moving in a straight line will lead them right to you.

Always check behind yourself.

Duck into alleyways, duck behind the sides of buildings, use the shadows of overhangs to your advantage, and always know if someone is following you.

When moving in rural areas, there are plenty of SERE tactics you can employ to mask your movement.

A lot of shoes that you might wear have soles that will make you stand out when you leave footprints. They’re associated with foreigners.

Pad your shoes with cloth so that you’re not leaving a distinctive imprint.

Wear natural clothing, such as greens, blacks, and browns.

Hide shiny objects, which can act as mirrors that will draw attention to you.

3) Avoid “Flagging”

Flagging is what we call it when you step on a plant, or a blade of grass, or leave a broken bottle or a piece of obvious trash in your path behind you.

Flagging leaves clues to your pursuers of where you are going. Don’t touch any small trees when in the wilderness.

Move in a zigzag pattern and always be aware of how your passage is affecting the environment.

When engaging in escape and evasion, think like your pursuers.

Look at your path through their eyes.

Ask yourself what you are doing, and what mistakes you are making, that could lead these people to you when you are trying to escape.

Seeing your path through the enemy’s eyes is the most important SERE tactic of all.

What Other Camouflage Strategies Can You Improvise “On The Run”?

Share Your Best Tactics Below…

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