3 Shelter-In-Place Blackout Survival Hacks For When The Lights Go Out!

3 Shelter-In-Place Blackout Survival Hacks For When The Lights Go Out!

Did you know that in recent years, blackouts have increased a whopping 124% due to our failing electrical grid?

And that’s just your typical, everyday blackout.

What happens when the electrical grid completely collapses due to a disaster… EMP attack… terrorist hacking… or the duct tape that’s holding it together finally fails?

What happens when the streetlights go out and your whole neighborhood is suddenly pitch black?

Well, I hate to tell you, but FEMA’s standard “flashlight-and-candles” setup isn’t going to be enough to get you through that scenario and…

Here Are 3 “Shelter In Place” Lighting Hacks To Survive A Blackout

Blackout Survival Lighting

First, you must understand that even the best flashlights are going to be limited by the battery juice that powers them – and even low-power LED lights don’t last as long as you’d think.

As for candles, well… they’re pretty dim (even if you have a ton of them) and lighting a bunch of candles is a fire hazard – one tipped-over candle can send your whole house up in flames, and candle wax is messy and hazardous too.

To truly be prepared, here are 3 great options you should take action on…

1. Landscaping Solar Lights

These are commonly sold to light up the pathways outside your home, and they can save you a lot of trouble by illuminating your path and helping you avoid sprinkler spigots and other hazards that can trip you up when it’s pitch black.

Since they’re solar-powered, you don’t have to worry about batteries and they’ll give you bright output in your home virtually indefinitely (plus, they can also double as battery chargers!)

The only problem with these is that they can be someone expensive – but they’re very dependable.

2. 1 Million Candlepower Handheld Spotlight

This is my ideal option for an attack scenario.

If your home is approached by looters at night, this casts such a bright light that they will be near-blinded.

They’ll have no place to hide while you keep a gun on them and command them to leave your property.

(I’ve personally used this method against a street gang that was casing my house.  I had my Walther P99 set on them just in case, but the spotlight made them realize they had no chance against me.)

3. “Solar Lanterns” (* Best Option)

These are by far the cheapest and most effective way to light your home… and one of the coolest gizmos I’ve seen in YEARS!

They’re bright enough to read by and cheap enough to put a few in every room of the house, making it possible to move around comfortably and normally in your home without risking injury.

You can see these new survival gadgets here…

Plus, they can even squish together to pack them in a bugout bag if you need to get out of Dodge

Look, you have to think of the things no one else does because the “herd mentality” is what’s going to stampede everyone down to the local Walmart to clear the shelves and panic in chaos.

When the world around you is plunged into darkness, you need to be the one who keeps your family in the light… and safe!

What Other Shelter-In-Place Blackout Survival Tips Do You Have To Share?

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