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SHTF / WROL Survival: Could A “Zombie” Outbreak Threaten YOUR Town?

Jeff Anderson
Jeff Anderson, Editor

You’ve seen the television shows like “The Walking Dead” and movies like “World War Z.”

If you’re like me, you’ve wondered: Even though zombies aren’t real, plenty of real-life emergencies look a LOT like a zombie outbreak.

Remember the Ebola scare?

Or Coronavirus now?

That got me thinking: just how real is the “zombie threat,” and what can this possibility teach us?

Recently I talked to zombie enthusiast and survival expert Jake Sepulveda about the reality of an outbreak and, even though the “zombie” thing has kind of come and gone among survivalists, I think there are some still some relevant lessons.

Here is what Jake had to tell me.

What Can The “Zombie Threat” Teach Us?

Zombie Outbreak Survival Lessons
Zombie Outbreak Survival Lessons
Jake Sepulveda

There are a lot of myths behind zombies.

People automatically think “undead” like in “World War Z” or something similar, but that’s not the reality.

If you look at virology and the way viruses mutate and move, the way they evolve, you can see…

….that we quite possibly do have something to be very afraid of.

Viruses Are Terrifying

In a real emergency, you won’t be facing zombies… but you WILL be facing people who have very real zombie-like symptoms caused by an illness or even a drug.

Turn on your television.

Read the news.

There are zombie-like attacks, such as that rash of “bath salts” attacks not so long ago, that look an awful lot like something you see in a zombie thriller.

Who Are The “Zombies?”

There are different “zombie” types based on what is affecting the people in question.

  • Chemical zombies are people who have been exposed to a toxic chemical, radiation, or a nerve agent.
  • Parasite zombies are people who have been exposed to brain parasites that affect their behavior (there is a real-world fungus called Cordyceps that takes over the active parts of the brain in animals, making them behave strangely).
  • Drug zombies are people who have taken or been given drugs that alter their behavior, like bath salts.
  • Virus zombies are people who are sick, dangerous to your health, and possibly desperate, such as those with H1N1, Ebola, etc.

The Zombie Reality

The fact is, there are very real news stories involving people who attack other human beings and even eat flesh from their bodies.

We don’t know that this is likely to become an epidemic, and we know these people aren’t REALLY “zombies.”

Their behavior, however, makes them dangerous.

We must train to survive these real-life threats that look a lot like something from a horror movie.

THAT is the reality of the “zombie threat” in this, the real world.

What Did You Think Of The Zombie Craze Among Preppers?

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