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MCS Podcast 50: Field-Expedient Shooting Tactics For Survival

When the one shot you get could mean the difference between death or survival – whether a deer in your sights for your hungry family’s next meal or an enemy combatant in a force-on-force battle – you damn well better hit your target!

But outside of the range where you have a nice bench and a sandbag support, are you 100% you could hit that shot?

You will be… once you discover the many secrets to field-expedient shooting for pinpoint rifle marksmanship with our special guest, Ian Kenney.

Field Expedient Sniper Shooting Tips

Here’s what awaits you in this week’s episode…

  • 3 common myths and mistakes that separate the “sniper” from the wild shooter whose shots never hit their target!
  • Do-it-yourself field-expedient methods for keeping your rifle in perfect position from front to back – every time!
  • The best methods to make your sight-picture steady as a surgeon’s hands without the use of fancy-schmancy after market gizmos and gadgets!
  • Fast-action improvisation techniques for those “targets of opportunity” that don’t give you time to get into perfect position!
  • How a simple piece of 550 paracord can create a rotational accuracy aid in just a matter of seconds!

Note: Reference This Photo When Listening To Ian’s Answer About “Fast-Action Improv Techniques”…

Field Expedient Sniper Techniques

Now, go ahead and try these little-known tactics with some dry-fire practice for your rifle and see just how easy it will be to shoot with supreme accuracy round after round!

Have Any Field-Expedient Accuracy Tips Of Your Own?

Please Share Your Tactical Advice Below Now…

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