MCS Podcast #79: Snowmageddon Survival With Tony Nester

MCS Podcast #79: Snowmageddon Survival With Tony Nester

A sudden snowfall or blizzard can paralyze a city and make travel by vehicle a life-or-death venture.

Each year, people become trapped in their cars in the middle of nowhere in a storm – and many make mistakes that lead to death because they weren’t prepared.

Are you?

If you were swallowed up by a blizzard and trapped in your car with no help on the way, would you know what to do to survive?

You will after this week’s broadcast as survival expert, Tony Nester, reveals simple strategies for planning ahead as well as “during the storm” tactics to get out alive!

Snowmageddon Survival: Staying Alive When Stranded In A Storm

How To Survive A Winter Storm Stranded In Your Car

Here’s what you’ll find in this week’s episode…

  • No need to build an igloo! Tony reveals how to transform any vehicle into a snug and cozy “2nd home”while you wait for help to arrive.
  • Little-known secrets for staying hydrated when your water reserves run dry!
  • Exactly what food to store in your vehicle NOW so you can keep up your energy and warmth where others would starve in solitude.
  • Life-or-death mistakes “victims” make when stuck in a snow bank! (Plus, your exact 1-2-3 steps for staying alive and being rescued!)
  • SURVIVAL GEAR!  What to pack in your vehicle now for a worst-case scenario.

Even if you don’t live anywhere near a single snowflake, this week’s broadcast will help you prepare for ANY emergency you may find yourself in when traveling by car.

Is YOUR Vehicle Ready For An Emergency?

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