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3 “Space Age Home Defense Weapons” Criminals Aren’t Expecting (2 You Wear On Your Head)!

Nothing says “No you hella won’t bust into MY home, mother f*#&-er!” than a bazooka aimed at a home invader’s forehead.

But let’s face it…

Not everyone has the ability to own a bazooka – and even you gun-nuts out there need to look at your home defense arsenal beyond just your favorite hand-cannon you carry with you to be fully prepared for defeating a determined predator in your home.

So here are…

3 “Space-Age Home Defense Weapons” Criminals
Aren’t Expecting (2 You Wear On Your Head!)

Star Trek Home Defense Weapons

1. Plastic Knives

These handy “shivs” made out of zy-ex plastic make great Christmas gifts for any family members currently serving time in Folsom Prison.

But they’re also so cheap and easy to conceal that you can buy several to hide throughout your home as quick-access weapons for any family member.

2. Bluetooth Headset

Cell phones don’t tell 911 your location so using one to call for help isn’t as effective as a good old-fashioned telephone.

But have you ever tried clearing your home of bad guys while holding your handgun… a flashlight… and a telephone scrunched between your shoulder and your ear?

It’s pretty damn impossible – especially if you’re holding a home-defense shotgun like we suggest in our Home Defense Tactics program.

So make sure you have a cordless phone with a wireless earpiece that will allow you to go “hands-free” while still being able to communicate your location and situation with 911 and responding officers.

3. Video Glasses

Whenever you go to the shooting range, one of the items you most likely strap on is protective eye ware, right?

Well in a home invasion scuffle or firefight, your eyes could be instantly damaged by fist or fingernail, an expended casing or just dust and debris kicked up by a muzzleflash.

You can’t shoot what you can’t see and so slipping on a pair of protective eye ware should you choose not to just hunker down in your safe room will provide some protection.

But slipping on your pair of video “spy-glasses” that will capture the whole thing on camera could be the backup you need in court to justify your actions.

Of course, if you pulled an “oopsy” in your response, you could always just hide the glasses so as not to incriminate yourself. 🙂

Sneaky Home Defense Tactics

Home invaders aren’t stupid.

They realize that they may be facing a home owner with a gun and who is possibly stronger than them.

That’s why they often work in teams and are very cunning at getting into your home – either by deception (they’re good at manipulating kids at the front door) or by surprise force.

You can’t always count on your firearm no matter how much training you’ve had.

You MUST also train for the worst possible scenarios where you’re ambushed… tied up… beaten… and helpless to protect your loved ones.

Don’t suffer the same fate Dr. Petit and his family were forced to face because they weren’t prepared for this type of a scenario.

Don’t fall into the trap of only preparing for ideal scenarios where you’re in charge… armed… and able to respond.

What Other Little Known “Weapons” Do
YOU Have In Their Home Defense Plan?

Share Your Tips Below…

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