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MCS 132: “Stranded” Survival Strategies

We’ve all seen the news stories…

… family trapped in their car in the middle of a nowhere in a blizzard… the hunter who wandered off and wasn’t found for days… or the child who got separated from the campsite and left behind panicked parents and teams of rescue workers.

Being stranded in unfamiliar environments happens more than you may think.

And you don’t have to be in the “wilderness” for it to happen either.

The question is, if you were dropped down in the middle of the woods… a desert… or even a foreign country gripped by civil unrest…

… could you survive and find your way to safety?

You will after this week’s interview with survival expert, Kevin Estela, as he shares his best strategies for mastering the skills you need to make it back home alive..

Survive When You’re LOST AND STRANDED!

Wilderness Survival Tips

Here’s what you’ll discover in this week’s episode…

  • The most common “stranded” scenarios no one thinks will ever happen to them… until it does!
  • The 3 biggest mistakes “lost” people make that can drastically reduce your chances of being found alive!
  • “Everyday carry” survival gear that will help you weather any survival scenario without weighing you down!
  • Your critical “first moves” you should absolutely make if you ever want to survive a single night alone! (Warning – some of these steps are the exact opposite of how most people react!)
  • Simple (and safe) ways to train for a “stranded” survival scenario! 

When you suddenly find yourself in “no-man’s land” and no idea how to get out… THESE are the skills that will get you home alive!

Resources Mentioned In This Podcast:

 Do You Know Any Other “Stranded” Survival Tips?

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