Surprise Way To DIE In The Woods (+1 Solution)

Surprise Way To DIE In The Woods (+1 Solution)

You get stranded in the woods — maybe on a hike, maybe after your car breaks down, whatever — and you see the sun start to go down.

“No problem,” you think. “I have my trusty EDC flashlight.”

That’s good, and lots of people do it… but what happens when you haven’t changed the battery in a while?

The next time it starts to get dark and you’re in unfamiliar territory — even if you’re just an office worker sitting in a windowless “cube farm” when the power goes out — you have a very real problem.

If you can’t see, you can’t survive.


Getting caught in the dark in the outdoors is therefore a BIG problem.

In other words, if your EDC flashlight fails, you need a backup.

And that’s where I have a solution for you on this gear-review Toolsday, one I’ve recommended before but which I really like.

It’s the Tough Tesla lighter from Survival Frog – but it’s not JUST a lighter, and that makes all the difference.

This small, compact, waterproof lighter should be part of your EDC gear because it can serve as a backup for your “darkness survival problem.”

Yes, the powerful electrical arc it produces is completely windproof

…but the folks at Survival Frog built an equally powerful LED flashlight into the lighter, which is so compact you’ll forget it’s there.

What that means is that whenever you’re carrying this windproof fire source — you know, something you should be carrying as a survivalist and warrior for EDC anyway — you’re ALSO carrying a backup for your flashlight!

Two is one and one is none, right?

That, to me, makes all the difference when choosing a survival lighter to EDC… and because this one is rechargeable and rugged (plus high-viz orange if you drop it outside), I can’t think of a better option.

(You can get your own here, if you don’t already have one and you’d like one.)

So, how do YOU handle this problem?

What gear are you carrying for EDC… and what backups for that gear do you carry?

I’d love to know what your loadout is, so leave a comment and below and share it.

What Gear Do YOU Rely On?
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