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Survival Food/Survival Stores Advice: Eating Pets & Bugs? Ugh!

There’s been a lot of talk about food shortages in the news recently.

Well, what a lot of people have forgotten is that talk of food running out hit the news at least a year ago… and then they were telling us we needed to start eating bugs!

Last year, there were a BUNCH of headlines where the “Powers That Are” are saying we’ll need to eat everything from the family dog… to a handful of crickets… to each other to survive if the food supply runs out!

Fact is, we’re ALREADY seeing parts of the world where human beings have been forced to eat Fluffy, Buttons, and even their local zoo animals so they don’t starve to death!

There are, right now, places in the world that are in various stages of collapse – and not only is this a stern warning sign that hard times are ahead, but it also gives you a glimpse into how people, governments, and “security” will react in a crisis.

Take Venezuela for example…

Venezuela has been “failing” as a state for some time now.

They’ve continued to run out of money and responded by simply “printing more”.

Sound familiar?

Problem is, you can only print so much money until inflation skyrockets (this can happen almost in an instant) and the money in your pocket and bank account becomes worthless.

We’ve warned US citizens of this for some time now that in the near future, our national debt, endless money printing, and borrowing from other countries will eventually crush our economy – and when it does, we’ll see the same things Venezuela has been seeing…

Your #1 Resource Will Dry Up

Venezuela Food Lines: Store Survival Food Now!
Venezuela Food Lines: Store Survival Food Now!

We’re hard-coded as human beings to do ANYTHING we need to do in order to stay alive.

You know that means – at its very core – food, water, and personal security, right?

Well, most people don’t realize that most cities and towns operate on a 3-day resupply cycle of food.

That means that during any disruption in our supply chain (from financial collapse, blackouts, disasters, etc.), it only takes 3 days to go from calm… to complete chaos.

Grocery store shelves will be cleared out in a matter of hours when people realize food is scarce.

Endless “food lines” will pile up at markets and distribution points handing out smaller and smaller portions.

In Venezuela, May marked the month where the entire nation has declared it is starving… and people are no longer in the “wait-and-see” mode of hoping for relief.

Food at supermarkets went from insanely expensive… to scarce… to gone.

(Sound familiar?)

Chants of “We are hungry!” echoed through the streets of Venezuela and in front of barren supermarkets.

People have resorted to hunting dogs, cats, pigeons, and anything they can capture in order to put food on their family’s table.

Crime Becomes Inevitable

Venezuela Looting: Store Survival Food Now!

If your children were hungry and there were no resources to feed them, would you resort to stealing in order to keep them alive?

If you’re like and caring, protective parent (or grandparent), the answer becomes easy when you see that society has transformed into “every man for himself”.

In Venezuela, looting of grocery stores, pharmacies, shopping malls, and food delivery trucks has become common as food supplies have dried up into a state of emergency.

And while looting grocery stores has been “accepted” by the citizens, stealing from individuals has turned violent.

In one case, a man who was caught robbing fellow citizens was the victim of “mob justice” when passers-by beat him and set him on fire before police could arrive.

Demonstrations And Looting Are Common

Venezuela Protests - Store Survival Food Now!
Venezuela Protests – Store Survival Food Now!

Dependent on the government, desperate Venezuelans have grown panicked and angry over not being able to buy food.

In demonstrations across the country, citizens overwhelmed military and police – sometimes as high as 250 people for each National Guard officer.

They jumped gates… stormed supermarkets… raided government food dispensaries and attacked police that got in their way.

Rumors spread around the entire state about where to find products that couldn’t be found locally which caused massive migrations of “out of towners” to look for resources in nearby cities – further causing unrest and tensions.

Fellow citizens are turning on themselves and civil war looks inevitable as the government has failed its people and the mobs grow restless in waiting for a solution.

You must understand that during a collapse, there is no more “civilized society”… and the wolves will be circling the sheep, looking for victims.

As the “protector” of your family, you don’t want to be the “wolf” OR the “sheep”… but rather the “sheepdog” that can effectively watch over those you love and who are counting on you.

Fortunately, the #1 thing you can do is
ALSO the absolute EASIEST to plan for.

The bottom line reality is that, if you don’t have food to feed your family, you are guaranteed to suffer the same fate as the unprepared citizens of Venezuela.

But if you take care of this very simple survival factor now, then you’ll NEVER have to worry about having to steal for your family… begging for handouts… being attacked at the grocery store… or forced to eat dogs and cats.

You can start out small with the survival food of your choice and build from there – but I can’t stress enough that this is the very first thing you need to take care of to keep your family safe during a crisis or collapse.

(A lot of us have had to do this during the pandemic, with waiting lists for survival food months and months long.)

The scenes coming from Venezuela right now are very real… and should be a serious wake-up call to every American as the threat of our own financial collapse looms in the near future.

What Are YOU Storing For Survival Food?

Please Share Your Best Suggestions Below Now…

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