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The Top 5 Survival Food Mistakes That Could Force You To Dive Into A Dumpster For Dinner

I admit it… I’m a “food hoarder”.

If you’re smart, you will be too.

As you know, in any sort of a wide-scale crisis due to natural disaster… an economic collapse… or panic over the Ebolapocalypse, there’s going to be a run on the grocery stores that will empty the store shelves like Black Friday on steroids and if you haven’t stockpiled food to feed your family during those hard times, you’re going to suffer like the rest.

But even if you ARE hoarding food now, you could be in for a big, nasty surprise when you go to tap into your pantry and…

Here Are The Top 5 Survival Food Mistakes That Could Force You To Dive Into A Dumpster For Dinner…

Survival Food Threats

Imagine going into you stockpiled food storage – patting yourself on the back for your survival instincts to plan ahead while the rest of humanity is arm-wrestling over a bag of Cheetos – only to find that much of your food isn’t fit to feed your dog.

It can happen.  And easier than you think.

Sure, a natural disaster could wipe out your entire food pile in one fell swoop.

But I did some research on food storage and discovered an old article from Survival Mom and pulled out the top 5 things could slowly destroy your hoard without you even realizing it… until it’s too late…

1. Time

Stored food can last a long time if prepared properly, but no stored food last forever.

Rotate out your food stores regularly.

You should be eating the same things you are storing anyway, right?

2. Sunlight

There’s a reason most storage instructions say to keep something in a cool, dry place.

Exposure to light and the heat from that light, not to mention UV rays, will degrade stored food.

Keep your stored food in a cool, dry place that is also dimly lighted.

3. Air

Air, and the oxygen in air, introduces bacteria into your stored food and causes oxidation.

Your stockpiles must have the oxygen removed from them, which is why a lot of people use vacuum sealers and oxygen absorbers.

4. Water

Moisture causes mold to grow.

Humidity absolutely will destroy your stored food, so store it in a dry environment.

5. Heat

We’re back to a “cool, dry place” again.

The higher the temperature, the shorter your stockpiled food will last.

Keep it cool to keep it viable.

The Best Way To Store Survival Food In Your Home…

Personally, my wife and I don’t store very much survival food in our pantry as we need all that space just for our regular meals.

Instead, we’ve made survival food kits that stack up neatly in a closet and are designed to last up to about 25 years even in harsh environments.

It’s much simpler and this way, if we need to evacuate to our secondary retreat, we can just “grab-n-go”, throwing the kits into the back of our “bug-out mobile” with the kiddos and don’t have to worry about a bunch of heavy cans and boxes taking up valuable room.

But if you ARE storing your own canned foods and such for a crisis, be sure to avoid the top 5 mistakes listed above to avoid losing it all.

Be Honest… How Many Days, Weeks, Or Months Do You Feel You And Your Family Are Prepared For With Your Current Provisions?

What’s The #1 Think You Think You Can Do To Improve Your Food Security? (Please Share Below…)

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