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MCS 212 – Urban Survival: How To Feed Your Family In A SHTF Collapsed City!

Ever been hungry?No, I mean like “3 days of zero food in your belly” hungry…

People who have no access to food will resort to doing anything just to eat a few scraps of garbage.

Want proof?

When Hurricane Sandy hit NYC a few years back, a buddy of mine stuck in the city (and the news media) said it only took 2 days before average, everyday folks were diving into dumpsters looking for anything they could find to feed their family.

When the grocery stores are empty and the masses are on edge, finding food (without getting killed in the process) is going to be a major undertaking – especially in the cities!

So, in this week’s podcast episode (the 3rd in our 4-part “urban survival training series”), I’ll share with you several ways to feed yourself and your family using resources from devastated urban environments during a crisis.

Finding Food In Urban Survival Situations

Urban Survival Tips For Food Procurement
Urban Survival Tips To Feed Your Family In A SHTF Collapse!

Here’s What You’ll Discover In This Week’s Episode:

  • “secret survival garden” option that requires no space… no outdoor sunlight… no training… and no magic “green thumb!
  • A hidden urban location for the perfect “survival food” that could be stocked FULL… even when the local Piggly Wiggly is bone dry of groceries!
  • Edible “urban plants”: Foraging for food that’s right under everyones’ noses yet invisible to all… except YOU!
  • A weird “coat hanger trap” that catches edible pigeons like magic! (This neat little trick was taught to me by the #1 urban survival expert in the U.S. It’s crazy simple!)
  • Beyond rat traps: A better “prepper trick” to bring home a feast of squirrels and other small animals for din-din!

You don’t have to go hungry when the grocery store shelves go empty!

Food is everywhere – even in the cities – if you know where to look.

Resources Mentioned In This Podcast:

What Other Water Options Do You Think You Could Locate In A City During A SHTF Collapse?

Please Share Your Best Urban Survival Water Tips Below Now…

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