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MCS 193 – Common Bug-Out Plan Mistakes (Through The Eyes Of A Green Beret!)

It was probably your very FIRST attempt at prepping once you got serious…

… your bug-out bag!

Am I right? (Close? :-))

Yet despite all the “fantasy survival b.s.” you find on the internet, surviving a forced evacuation requires more than just a cool looking “battle backpack” stuffed with a case of MRE’s.

So what IS the best way to prepare your bug-out bag and evacuation plan to prepare for a disaster, crisis, or collapse?

Well, in this week’s episode, you’ll hear from a nearly 29-year Green Beret who has actually HAD to bug-out to save his own life… and he has a LOT to say about the biggest mistakes most people are making!

Bug Out Plan Mistakes Almost EVERYONE Makes!

Here’s What You’ll Discover In This Week’s Episode:

  • How a real-life “escape & evasion bug-out” led this career spec-ops soldier to claim that most bug-out plans people are using are ‘death traps’ that could get them killed in a real disaster!
  • Bug-out threats! What dangers lie waiting for you and your family outside your front door when you realize it’s “go-time”!
  • How to avoid becoming a “bug-out refugee” when the spit hits the fan!
  • “Spec-ops strategies” for getting to your loved ones to safety – even when the world around you is crumbling!
  • How to go “ultralight” with your bug-out bag (while all the Doomsday Preppers are carrying around gigantic “death bags”).

Don’t make the same mistakes as the “zombies” inhabiting your neighborhood.

The time to plan for a forced evacuation is NOW… and these tactics will make sure you get on the road fast and headed in the right direction to keep you and your family alive!

Resources Mentioned In This Podcast:

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What Other Bug-Out Survival Questions Or Tips Do You Have For A Forced Evacuation Scenario?

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