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My #1 Survival Gear Tip For Optimizing Your Bug-Out Bag!

If you know me, you know I love sharing my best secrets for building the ultimate survival gear plan on a budget.

As most of you know, I’m not a fan-boy of the same regurgitated game-plan all the “armchair preppers” out there follow when it comes to building out your survival gear… especially when it comes to your bug-out bag.

My time “humping a ruck” in the Army’s 10th Mountain Division quickly showed me how critical it is to follow an “ultra-light” philosophy that maximizes weight and space.

For example, one of the best areas for you to knock several pounds off your bug-out bag AND free up a ton of space is with your sleeping gear.

Take a look at this picture…

TACT Bivvy Survival Gear Bugout Bag

Now I’ve seen a ton of bug-out bag lists out there and every single one I’ve found is total crap.

I can usually tell if someone knows what they’re talking about depending on how they’re planning for their sleeping gear with these 3 options:

1. Cotton Sleeping Bag

“Old school”

Yes, it will keep you nice and comfy, cozy… but as you can see, it will pretty much take up about 75% of the real estate in your backpack.

Plus, the material used in these “traditional” bags are the heaviest you’ll find and the size places a lot of the weight away from your body, adding more stress to your back and shoulders (people don’t think about weight distribution as much as they should).

2. “Mummy” Sleeping Bag

This is a much better option for those looking for “luxury”.

As you can see, I was able to compress the polyester sleeping bag down to about half the size of a cotton bag.

But to get it down to that size, you’ll need a lighter bag and these will only keep you warm down to about 40 degrees or so.

Plus, these are the most expensive options, and frankly, I’m not looking at bugging out as a “luxury vacation” where I need an expensive bag that will only keep me warm in a moderate climate.

For me, size and weight are key…

3. TACT Bivvy

I can tell you that whenever I speak at survival expos, this is THE #1 question I get…

“Where can I get that awesome ‘survival sleeping bag’?!”

As you can see from the picture, the TACT Bivvy (#3) is super tiny – especially when compared with all the other options.

It’s basically a mylar “emergency blanket” in a sleeping bag form so it weighs nothing and is so small, I can put my entire “camp” (including shelter) all inside of just one of my exterior pockets on my X-BOB bug-out bag.

Not only will it keep you warm down to 20-below, but it’s a FRACTION of the cost of any other bag option so you save a ton of dough at the same time.

And now they’ve come out with the new version 2.0 “improved” model that’s even smaller AND more durable!

You can check out the new TACT Bivvy (on sale) here…

This really is my #1 survival gear secret when it comes to saving money AND I get flooded with questions about it at the events I speak at.

If you don’t have several of these (for all your bug-out bags and survival kits – even your car), then I highly suggest you grab some while they’re on sale and you can get the new model.

I know you’ll love it as much as I do.

What Other Ways Have You Found To Save Space And Weight With Your Bug-Out Bag?

Please Share Your Best Bug-Out Bag Survival Gear Tips Below Now…

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