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MCS 151: Your “Plan B” Bug-Out Transportation Survival Plan

No… you don’t need a camouflage 4×4 “monster truck” with spiked hubcaps to get out of Dodge when a disaster strikes (though that would be pretty badass, wouldn’t it?).

In fact, there are times where your vehicle may NOT be the best transportation option when you’re forced to evacuate your home during a crisis.

Other times, the decision may be made for you as you hit the virtual parking lot that used to be a 4-lane highway, now packed with the unprepared zombies who have stalled, broken down, or run out of gas.

But survivalists never say “die”, right?

Your family is counting on you to get them to safety and this week, survival expert, Kevin Estela, shares his best “back-up plans” for staying mobile while everyone around you is at the mercy of Mother Nature and Murphy’s Law.

Your “Plan B” Bug Out Vehicle

Bug-Out Transportation Survival Plan

Here’s what you’ll discover in this week’s episode:

  • How to evaluate your personal bug-out evac route and transportation options like a pro!
  • The bug-out bicycle! How to choose and use a bike as a back-up!
  • Bugging out without wheels… for when your plan to roll-out hits the breaks!
  • 4-legged options for hauling your gear and getting to your destination when all other routes are a no-go!
  • How make bugging out on foot easier, more effective, and more efficient!

Only the truly “prepared” ever even consider a “Plan B” to their original survival plan.

But bugging out has so many hidden obstacles that the only way to know you’re getting to safety no matter what… is to have a back-up that keeps you moving.

This week you’ll be one step closer to the ultimate bug-out plan!

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