Covert Survival Tactics For Patriots Against Government Spying

Patriot Gets “Plucked” At The Airport + Why It’s Important To Conceal Your Survival Gear!

If you ever travel by air, then you know what a pain in the arse it is to get through security, right?

Well, it’s only going to get harder.

Recently, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) flunked 95% of a round of secret audits conducted to see how well they do at spotting fake explosives and weapons.

That’s right folks… a 95% failure rate!

To make up for technical failures of being able to read x-ray machines, the TSA has decided to supplement the machines with “Behavior Detection Officers”, specifically trained to “profile” passengers who should be inspected closer.

Like THIS patriotic fellow I saw at the airport on my last trip…

Prepper At Airport

When I saw this “proud, patriotic” passenger confused at why he would be under closer inspection, I just had to snap this photo to help others realize the big mistake so many guys are making.

Camo bags… NRA t-shirt… military haircut… “tactical” ballcap…

Look, contrary to what you may think, the fed isn’t looking for turban-wearing ISIS operatives walking onto a plane.

The “new threat” they’re most concerned with are what they refer to as “domestic lone-wolf extremists”.

You know the type…

… gun-toting
… 2nd Amendment-protecting
… red, white & blue “patriots”
… who are frustrated with the government.

Hmmm… sound like anyone you know?

Look, I’m not saying you need to run and hide from your beliefs.  And I’m not saying you shouldn’t be “prepared”.

You need to be!

But these days, you ALSO need to know how to hide your level of preparedness so you’re not targeted by others or seen as a “threat”.

I personally carry a whole lotta gizmos (and weapons) on me at all times but you’d never know they’re there.

You can see how I keep my survive gear “covert” in this guide I put together for you here…

You gotta be smarter than ever these days if you really want to be prepared.

Take a good hard look at your entire everyday carry (EDC) gear plan and how you keep it hidden.

It matters!

What Other “Red Flags” Reveal You’re A Good Target For Government/Security Overreach?

Please Share Your Own Warning Signs Below Now…

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