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MCS 139: Surviving With Stragglers & Dead Weight (Story 3 Of 6)

In this 3rd episode of my 6-part series where I share my personal memoirs of my military years, you need to come to terms with “stragglers” and “dead weight”.

I mean, let’s face it…

… a chain is only as strong as its weakest link, right?

Well, should you ever be forced to evacuate during a crisis, you’re going to quickly find out who is holding you back from reaching your objective.

It could be your kids… grandkids… your spouse… or (oh my!)… YOU!

Will you just kick the wifey and little germ bags off to the side of the road?

Probably not (though let me tell you, some daaaaaaays…)

So this week, I’ll share 3 survival tips that will help you avoid abandoning your brood… and get you and your family to safety.

No “BS” Military Stories: Straggler Survival To Keep Your Family Alive

Military Survival Bugging Out

Here’s what you’ll discover in this week’s episode…

  • How to use a “mirror” to analyze your bugout plan… and your chances of making it out alive!
  • No one wants to deal with the face-chewing zombies outside your door when bugging out – which is why you had better plan for 5 areas your neighbors aren’t!
  • Bugout bag no-no’s that most preppers fall for!  (My recent trip to PrepperCon proved my point yet again.)

You don’t have to carry around “dead weight”.

Follow these 3 tips and save yourself from misery (and maybe divorce).

Resources Mentioned In The Show:

Do YOU Have A Personal Story That Taught You A Valuable Survival Lesson?

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