One To Rule Them All: The Swiss Army Knife Of Survival Tools

One To Rule Them All: The Swiss Army Knife Of Survival Tools

A gun is great to have… but it’s not enough.

When the chips are down what’s the ONE survival tool you can’t find yourself without?

Whether in an urban wasteland, the post-apocalyptic woods or just a run of the mill disaster…

There’s one tool you need to have if you want to survive.

Yes, you can split a human skull like a grapefruit for breakfast with it… but it can do so much more than that.

While this jack of all trades is certainly a formidable weapon, it can also single-handedly keep you alive by allowing you to perform most basic survival, escape and exploration activities…

It’s the Swiss Army knife of survival!

Yes, a high-quality machete in the hands of a properly trained warrior is arguably the single best thing to have when the SHTF.

What Your “Swiss Army Knife” Can Do Besides Kill

Best Uses For A Survival Machete In Disasters Collapse and SHTF
The Machete: One Survival Tool To Rule Them All

So what can the machete actually do except slice skulls and coconuts?

A lot.

From helping you get out of Dodge to setting you up in your new digs to making sure your digs stay your digs in a world without the rule of law… a quality machete can handle just about any task you throw at it.

Navigating Urban Collapse

What’s the first rule of urban survival?

Get out.

And a machete is better than a pair of bolt cutters for navigating urban collapse.

A good machete is a little like Indiana Jones’ bullwhip… there’s almost no obstacle you can’t use it to get around.

The handle can be used to break glass, while the sharp end can take care of just about anything else.

Slice right through barbed wire or even sheet metal…

Even use the blade to break cement or breach a concrete wall!

You need a quality blade.

But if you have one, anywhere you want or need to go in a destroyed urban environment is open to you with a machete… it’s your master key to destroyed cities and disaster environments.

Clearing And Building In The Wilderness

Once you’re out of the cities one of your most immediate needs will be shelter.

The machete is an incredible tool for dealing with the realities of shelter in a post-SHTF world.

You might think of a machete for clearing vines in the jungle, but you can use it to fell trees in much less tropical environments.

A high quality machete will let you dig holes… it’s not a shovel, but it’s better than nothing… and you can get a little foundation going.

Once you’ve built your shelter, hollow a log out and make yourself a canoe.

You can even hammer nails with the thing if you can scavenge some.

Once you have shelter and water transportation, chop wood for the fire which the machete will help you start…

Starting A Fire With A Machete

Your machete will keep you warm!

If you’re like me, you find starting fires enormously frustrating…

It seems like it’s never going to start…

And the issue is almost always the same: not enough kindling.

Once you’ve got the tree felled and the wood chopped and split with your machete, now you can use it to strip bark and shave tinder.

A machete can make starting a fire much, much easier.

Using The Whole Animal

You know what goes good with a fire, a rough shelter and a night sky?

Charred animal flesh.

Potentially you could hunt with a machete… it’s not out of the question… but we’re talking about other uses of your machete multi-tool.

For example, how are you planning to butcher the meat?

You could certainly use a KA-bar… or a chainsaw if that’s more your speed, but the machete represents a happy medium between two extremes of delicacy and brute force.

And what do you plan to do with all that animal hide?

Just gonna throw it out?

You’re throwing out coats, blankets and trade goods, friend.

A quality machete can help you to skin the animal and finish the hide into something usable.

In a survival scenario, doing more with less is the name of the game… and a machete can help you to use more from a hunt!

Keeping Your House In Order


You’re the well-fed king of a little post-collapse castle you made with your machete.

Why not use it to enjoy a few creature comforts in your cozy new home?

You wouldn’t think of hanging a picture with a machete… but you can drill holes with a machete.

Your home can opener will wear out a long time before your machete… and having your machete means that you don’t need a can opener for your bugout bag.

Scavenge unencumbered and enjoy delicious canned peaches on the go.

Now you just have to scavenge some soap.

Machetes In Combat

Your handmade survival shelter will be a real prize…

And once the rule of law breaks down you’ll have to enforce property rights on your own…

So it’s a good thing you can use the same machete to defend your homestead as you did to build it.

In fact, we think it’s probably the best weapon that you can have by your side long-term.

Why’s that?

Because a machete has certain advantages over firearms.

Don’t get us wrong, there’s some things you just need a pistol or a rifle for…

But consider the following:

Machetes don’t need spare parts…

Machetes are easily maintained…

Machetes are easily concealed…

Machetes NEVER run out of ammo!

So you can’t drop a potential threat at 500 yards with a machete (though it probably has greater range than you think!), but the machete is a versatile and durable weapon no warrior should have lacking from their tool kit.

And yes, you can use a .45 to open a can of beans or hammer a nail if you must, but we’d recommend the machete in most jobs where the two go head to head.

The Machete Is A Small Sword

I’ve been asking you to think of the machete as a tool…

Now I want you to think of it as a weapon!

Because a machete can also be a weapon, clearly.

But instead of a big knife, I want you to think of your machete as a short sword.

And like a sword, you can use it in a lot of different ways.

There’s slashing…

There’s stabbing…

But it can also be used as a serious blunt force weapon… handy for breaking sticks rather than chopping them… but also handy for breaking bones.

No matter what way you slice it (yes, the pun is intended, sorry guys) you’re acquiring valuable close quarters combat skills that open up a whole new world of combat.

Machetes in Close Quarters Combat

If you know how to use it, the machete is arguably the most devastating weapon for close quarters combat.

The first clause of that sentence is essential:

“If you know how to use it.”

A tool is only as good as the warrior wielding it, so don’t view a machete as a magic “get out of a fight for your life” card…

Though it is a very physically imposing weapon you should always train with a weapon before you have to use it.

And in close quarters combat the machete is a powerfully destructive weapon you can use either lethally or non-lethally.

To Throw Or Not To Throw A Machete?

Like just about anything else with a point or an edge, you can and should throw a machete in a number of real-life combat scenarios.

The main thing is to make sure that you’re throwing it with a no-spin method rather than end-over-end.

This takes practice, but is a knife throwing method anyone can master in just a few short hours of training.

Applying it to the machete only requires a little extra practice.

So yes, you’ll have some trouble hitting the property line from 500 yards away, but closing the distance on an attacker at 7 yards before he’s able to make contact with you or a loved one is definitely in the cards.

Tire Irons, Sticks And Other Big Fight Tricks!

A machete is also like another weapon… the humble stick.

Sure, you can’t stab through a human body with a stick… but if you can fight with a machete you can fight with a stick…

Or a tire iron…

Or a 9 iron…

The point is that the machete, like other handheld weapons, trains one not just for the weapon trained but for other common objects which can be wielded in the same way…

Having and knowing how to use a combat machete makes you a better all-around warrior, with a new weapons specialty that opens up a whole new world of offense.

You Need Quality Steel!

The main thing to know is – you can’t go cheap.

Sporting goods store “machetes” and mall ninja zombie slayers are not going to get the job done.

The steel of the blade needs to be top quality, or it won’t get the job done… not for long, anyway.

But a good machete is easily maintained, easily sharpened and can faithfully serve a warrior for his entire life, collapse or not.


Do You Have Any “Unique” Uses For Your Machete? What Hard Work Are You Putting Yours To?
Let Us Know Your Thoughts Below…

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