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[Toolbox Tuesday] A “Do Nothing” Blackout / EMP Gadget (Review)

You asked for it, and we listened, so… welcome to another Toolbox Tuesday gear review!

This week, I want to talk about why most of the “power outage” precautions people take simply aren’t enough.

Let me explain…

I’ve said before that our power grid is held together with duct tape and hope – and it’s not getting any better!

But I’ve got a couple MORE pieces of bad news about that (I know, I’m just a ray of sunshine today):

1. The Texas power outage this summer showed just how weak our grid is – one storm that goes “outside the norm” is enough to cripple an entire state, and even if you don’t live in Texas, your state’s grid is no better off.

2. Blackouts have DOUBLED in the last three years, meaning the power grid is getting less reliable.

Power outages are usually worse in the summer months, when people crank up the AC.

And brother, whether you think it’s “climate change” or just, you know, the weather, they’re saying we’re in for one of the hottest summers ever coming up.

That’s a formula for rolling blackouts and more power outages.

Now, what do most people do when it comes to power outages?

They fill a box full of candles and batteries, and maybe they buy a couple battery powered lanterns… and they stop.

Now, be honest: Does that sound like your own blackout preps?

Even if it doesn’t, I’m betting you know how annoying it is trying to get through a power outage with some candles and one or two lanterns.

You move the light from room to room (where it’s never enough)… you worry about setting the place on fire with the candles… and basically, the whole thing is a mess for as long as the power is out.

Almost all of us have experienced that – and I know I have, multiple times!

Well, my review this week is for an item you can use to prevent all that from happening.

And the best part is… once you install them, you don’t have to do anything.

They’re these clever eBulb LED light bulbs that you use to replace the normal lightbulbs in your house or apartment.

I know I don’t say this a lot, but I am really excited about these.

That’s because they’re more than a lightbulb… they’re a lightbulb with a compact power cell built in.

That means that while the power is on, they’re charging their batteries.

Then, when the power goes out, your lights work like normal for over six hours of battery time.

That’s it – that’s literally all there is to it.

This is one “prep” that takes no more than the time to change the bulbs, and then you can forget about them until the next blackout.

I think that kicks @ss, frankly… because anything I can do that protects the people I care about, when I really don’t have to do anything at all?

That’s nothing but a “win” as far as I can see.

(Don’t wait if you’re on the fence – you can get these for 67% off if you get them from this page.)

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