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Urban Escape And Evasion Mistakes Even Skilled Preppers Make

I see a lot of people teaching “escape and evasion” these days – and for good reason.
Our society has gotten more and more dangerous:

People are being attacked for walking down the street in the wrong time and place…

…Intimidated by mobs while just trying to eat dinner…

…And even hunted down and shot for wearing the wrong political slogan in public.

Knowing how to escape and evade when people might want to hurt you, and might be chasing you, is super important right now.

(And it’s also a skill that you always need when you’re “bugging out” through potentially hostile areas.)

But even experienced preppers are making potentially fatal mistakes when it comes to urban E&E…
…and I’m NOT seeing enough instructors address these issues!
Read on and I’ll explain exactly what they are.

Don’t Make These Potentially Deadly Escape & Evasion Mistakes

Urban Escape and Evasion (E&E) Mistakes Preppers/Survivalists Make
Urban Escape and Evasion (E&E) Mistakes Preppers/Survivalists Make

There are 3 major “E&E” mistakes that I see people making, and when it comes to escape and evasion, a “mistake” means being discovered.
If you get noticed by the wrong people while you’re trying to escape, they could attack you… beat you… even KILL you.

(That means you can’t afford to screw up and get caught!)

The 3 mistakes I keep seeing over and over again, even among experienced and skilled “survival people,” are…

1. Carrying Too Much

I harp on this over and over again when talking about bug-out bags.
You CAN’T carry “everything and the kitchen sink,” even though lots of preppers try.
The biggest reason for this is that if your bag is too heavy, you won’t get very far when you’re bugging out on foot.
This is even MORE true when it comes to escape and evasion, where you have to move FAST to get away from people chasing you.

But you won’t just be slow.

If you’re huffing, puffing and struggling, there’s another problem…

2. No Attention To “Noise Discipline”

Almost everyone ignores “noise discipline,” something they drilled into our heads when I was in the military.
If you’re making too much noise when you walk — if you’re breathing heavy, talking too much, whatever — you’re giving away your position.
And if buckles, straps, and other gear you’re carrying and jinglin’ and janglin’, as the old song goes, you might as well be waving a sign that says, “Hey bad guys! I’m over here!”
At the very least, you need to find a nice, quiet room in your house and, with no other background noise, practice jumping up and down and running in place with your gear.
Is it making noise that pursuers could hear?
If it is, you need to rethink the bag, the accessories, and the other stuff you’re carrying.

(Heck, even a big ol’ wad of keys in your pocket could be an issue.)

3. Not “Covering Your Tracks”

I’ve written before about how, in an urban E&E situation, you might need to break open a locked gate, bust down a door, or smash open a padlock that stands between you and safety.
But during escape and evasion when people are chasing you, you ALSO need to make sure you don’t leave a trail.
I mean, if there’s a “bread crumb” trail of busted locks and crowbared doors behind you, your pursuers don’t exactly have to be skilled trackers to keep after you.
That’s a situation where more subtle methods – like picking locks and then closing them behind you – are called for.
This helps cover your tracks by leaving little evidence that you’ve gone that way.

(They might even think, after encountering a door or padlock you’ve re-locked, that there’s no way you could have gone past there, you know?)

And don’t worry – lock-picking is NOT hard to pick up, even if you’ve avoided it before now.

Preparing To Pick Locks Is Cheap (And Easy)

Lock-picking really is simple in concept… and all it takes is a bit of practice to master.
The best way to shortcut your lock-picking mastery (without it becoming a frustrating experience) is to use a “practice lock-picking kit”.
They’re kind of hard to find, but here’s the “trainer lock-pick set” that I personally use for keeping my skills fine-tuned…
This is basically a “training lock” that works like a real lock, but is see-through so you actually watch the pins being moved and can learn exactly the right touch when they’re in place.

Lockpick Set
Lockpick Set

This is the kit I wished I had when I first started because it will save you a TON of frustration and have you picking locks like a cat burglar in no time!

(It’s also the kit one of my employees bought, when I urged him to get it, to learn how to pick locks himself!)

With a little practice, you’ll pick up lock-picking simply and easily, in no time at all – and that’s really important, now more than ever.
You don’t want to lead your pursuers right to you if a more “subtle approach” could hide your escape…
…And you definitely don’t want to find yourself with a locked door or gate between you and safety.
Instead, get this kit now… and you’ll be better prepared for countless “escape and evasion” scenarios.

Do You Carry E&E Gear?

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