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MCS 211 – Urban Survival: Finding Clean Water In The City

You may have heard about the “Survival Law Of 3’s”

“You can live 3 minutes without air… 3 days without water… and 3 weeks without food.”

While this is a pretty standard guideline, it also highlights just how important water is to your survival compared with food.

Yet clean drinking water is take for “granted” because it’s so easy to get it – much easier than going down to the grocery to resupply your meals, right?

But in a SHTF “collapse” or other long-term crisis, your water supply could become contaminated or simply non-existent.

Gaining access to clean water gets even trickier in urban environments where resources could be low – but competition with other citizens will be very, very high, right?

Well, in this week’s podcast episode (the 2nd in our 4-part “urban survival training series”), I’ll share with you 3 ways to find clean, drinkable water when trapped, or traveling through, urban areas during a crisis.


Urban Survival Tips For Water
3 SHTF Urban Survival Methods For Finding Water In The City!

Here’s What You’ll Discover In This Week’s Episode:

  • Why the typical way preppers plan for water usage during a crisis is the exact opposite of how YOU should!
  • Little-known sources of clean, drinkable water inside homes & buildings… that most people never even know exist!
  • How to “scavenge” water from urban environments while everyone else is waiting in line at the FEMA Camp!
  • Your urban “fast action plan” for quickly gathering as much water as possible the moment a disaster strikes!
  • The one factor most home-owners in urban areas are horribly unprepared to face when it comes to planning out their water stockpile… and how to fix it INSTANTLY!

You know you need clean water to survive.

But most people don’t know how to recognize “good vs. bad” water in a disaster and they could end up deathly ill from one bad choice.

This week’s podcast will give you a far greater understanding of how to locate and use water from “secret sources”that others won’t even think to tap into

Resources Mentioned In This Podcast:

What Other Water Options Do You Think You Could Locate In A City During A SHTF Collapse?

Please Share Your Best Urban Survival Water Tips Below Now…

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