Survival Hunting Secrets: "1 Shot - 1 Kill" Deer Hunting

Survival Hunting Secrets: “1 Shot – 1 Kill” Deer Hunting

If your family’s survival ever came down to your abilities to bring home game, knowing *where* to shoot an animal will be just as important as knowing how to shoot.

(To really see “Survival Hunting” in action, I highly recommend you check this guy out… )

Keep in mind, animals are tough SOBs…

And unlike us, they live in survival mode 24×7, so if your shot placement isn’t correct they will not simply lie down and die.

Take deer for example.

I’ve had a number of friends that after harvesting a deer have found old bullet wounds or even an arrow tip (broadhead) embedded in the tissue from prior seasons!

Respect. That’s all I got so say.

So, not only is proper shot placement important for effectively dispatching your quarry, but it’s also crucial for maximizing the amount of meat you’ll harvest.

Let’s take a look…

Where To Aim At A Deer For A 1-Shot Kill:
The Broadside “Boiler Room” Shot

Deer Hunting 1-Shot Kill Zone

For deer (as well as many other larger mammals), the best area to shoot that maximizes damage and minimizes meat loss is the “boiler room” shot.

The “boiler room” is the area encompassing the heart and lungs and is found directly above — and slightly behind — the front leg of the deer (when the animal is facing you broadside).

When an animal is hit in the boiler room, there is massive hemorrhaging and almost no meat loss.

Knowing just that one tactic could be a real game changer, but in the real world of hunting, you won’t always get that perfect shot.

Many novice hunters mistakenly assume that the “above-the-front-leg” point of aim works no matter what direction the deer or large animal faces.

However, depending on how the animal is positioned in relation to you as the hunter, that same super-effective shot could become completely worthless.

  • What if the animal is facing at an angle?
  • What if he’s facing completely away from you?
  • Will you take the shot anyway and wound a deer you’ll never see again after it takes off?

By understanding a few more “1-shot kill zone” hunting tactics, you can greatly increase the odds of bringing home much needed food for your family.

When the hammer drops, and your loved ones are depending on you for food, it will be the skills you develop PRIOR TO the collapse that will save them.

And knowing how to hunt — not for trophies — but for survival, will be a HUGE game changer for you and your family when times get tough.

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