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MCS 184 – CIA Escape & Evasion Abroad With Jason Hanson

My 15 y.o. son is headed on an overseas school trip (without my protection)…

… and it’s kinda freaking me out!

Sure, I’ve taught him how to stay alert to dangers around him… become the “gray man” in any location… and how to defend himself if he needs to.

But should he find himself face-to-face with civil unrest, an abduction attempt, or a terrorist attack, he’s going to need (as Liam Neeson puts it,) “a special set of skills”.

That’s why, for this week’s episode, I called up my friend (and former CIA Agent) Jason Hanson to get his best “escape & evasion tips” for when traveling outside of familiar areas.

CIA Survival Tactics For ESCAPE AND EVASION!

Here’s What You’ll Discover In This Week’s Episode:

  • How to tap into the government’s “intel network” to assess the threat level of any “danger zone” in the world!
  • Constructing your own “travel escape & evasion kit”!
  • Urban “camouflage” tips for becoming virtually invisible in any area at any time.
  • “Instant escape tips” when facing riots, looting, and terror attacks!
  • Getting to (permanent) safety: Evasion tactics to find help and get home alive!

It doesn’t matter if you’re traveling across the state, or across the world…

Any time you’re outside of familiar areas, you and your family are more at risk than ever before – especially when traveling overseas.

These CIA escape and evasion tips will make you more prepared than ever!

Resources Mentioned In This Podcast:

  • [leadpages_leadbox leadbox_id=14219d0c6639c5] [/leadpages_leadbox] FREE “Cheat Sheet”: CIA Escape & Evasion Tactics!

Do You Ever Think About Escape & Evasion Threats When Traveling?

Please Share Your Own Questions & Tips Below Now..

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