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How To Beat This 8-Legged Bastard With A Centuries-Old Survival Medicine Hack (And A Really Big Bazooka!)

Imagine a rotting hole in your hand that grows so fast you can watch it ooze.  

At the center of that black, festering, swollen mess, you can see your own leg bone as the bacteria literally eats away your flesh and muscle uncontrollably.

The culprit?

A single Brown Recluse spider bite!

Having to endure this horrific injury in a hospital is bad enough because doctors don’t have an actual “antidote”.

But what if you were on your own in a collapse-like scenario, where medical services are overwhelmed and not able to help you?

Centuries-Old Survival Medicine Hack Vs. A Brown Recluse

Brown Recluse Treatment Survival Medicine

First, you really gotta get it through your head that it’s going to be YOUR responsibility for your own health and family when TSHTF.

You will basically be your OWN doctor which is why we include the free guide “Be Your Own Medic” in our our survival gear bundle here…

And since the Brown Recluse spider is a merciless son-of-a-bitch now in practically every state in the U.S., you may encounter one in the dark recesses of your home or in areas you find yourself in when bugging out.

It’s threat isn’t a “venom”, it’s a bacteria it transmits to you that eats away at everything in its path – and there’s no antidote!

Therefore, it’s critical  you know how to treat these types of bites in the absence of other medicine…

Survival Medicine Hack:
How To Treat A Brown Recluse Spider Bite

First, you need to go visit the fish supply section of your local Wal-Mart or other pet store or department.  

Pick up some activated carbon – either in tablets or powder – and put it in a small bottle in your bug-out bag’s med kit.

You’re going to make a charcoal poultice to treat that bite:

  1. Pour the carbon into a plastic baggie and put that bag into a second baggie.
  2. Roll or crush the baggie with a rolling pin or something else that can be used to crush the carbon even finer.
  3. Put the powder inside a clean cloth and secure the cloth to the wound. It will help draw out the infection and absorb moisture, which will hopefully help prevent infection.

Why This Collapse Medicine Trick May Save Your Life…

Activated carbon is basically “charcoal” and has been used for centuries because it absorbs toxins.

Even if someone swallows poison, drinking a solution of activated carbon mixed with water could help avoid serious illness or death.

(BTW… activated carbon isn’t on our list of the 52 little-known bug-out bag items – but it should be. Let’s make it #53, ok?)

That charcoal cocktail doesn’t actually remove all the poison, but it absorbs what it does contact, in your stomach and intestines and then carries it out of the body, taking the poison with it.

What Other Health Threats Should Someone Be
On The Watch For After A Collapse?

Share Your Own “Home Remedies” Below…

Oh, and here’s a weird little fact… swallow an activated carbon tablet after a heavy night of drinking and it can help prevent a hangover the next day.  Just saying’ 🙂

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