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MCS Podcast 55: The Best Herbs For Survival Medicine With Dr. Bones & Nurse Amy

One of the hard realities you must face during a collapse is the potential loss of the emergency support we take for granted during “normal” times – life police, fire, and of course, medical facilities and services.

When you or a family member is gravely ill and there’s no doctor around to help, will you know what to do?

In this episode, Dr. Bones & Nurse Amy share their best survival herb remedies you can grow in your own backyard or indoor garden!

Survival Medicine For Your Home Grown Herbal Pharmacy

Survival Medicine Herb Garden

Here’s what awaits you in this week’s episode…

  • Herbs that help to relieve stress and anxiety to offer you a clear head to make life-saving decisions!
  • Mother Nature’s pain-relievers!
  • “Pandemic Tea” – Listen as we build out the recipe in real time (Wanted: Brave souls to actually make this… and drink it!  Would love your feedback!)
  • How to prevent infection in germ-filled environments!
  • “Disaster Pants” – How to protect your tighty-whiteys after drinking bad water or eating contaminated food.  (This happens more than you can imagine… and is a real killer!)

Grab your gardening gloves and get ready to hit the Home Depot!

This is your chance to be the village shaman… and potentially even save a life when you’re needed the most!

Know Of Any Other Good Survival Medicine Herbs?

Please Share Your Best Medical Tips Below…

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