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Do You Wear Glasses? Here Are 3 Survival Tips To Avoid Fumbling Your Way Around The Wasteland…

When I was in combat, one of my biggest frustrations when the bullets were flying was that my glasses kept slipping off my face.

And even when they were on, I was running and sweating so much that they kept fogging up on me.

Either way, it was sure hard as hell to see the position I was running to and the enemy I was shooting at.

So that got me to thinking… if you wear glasses or contacts like me and if we’re ever really facing a “collapse” survival scenario, you’re kind of screwed, right?

I mean, sure there’s the problem of being able to see what’s happening around you, but what if the lenses of your glasses break (or your contacts aren’t usable)?

It’s not like there’s going to be an optometrist ready to order you another pair, right?

Here Are 3 Survival Vision Tips To Avoid
Fumbling Your Way Around The Wasteland…

Doomsday Survival Glasses

1. Gel Toothpaste

To fix the fogging, carry a small tube of gel toothpaste in your bug-out bag and rub it into the lenses.

Not a long-term optometry-fixer, but I found it made a big difference until I figured out the other 2 solutions…

2. “Prescription Sports Goggles”

These are the same type of glasses you’ll see basketball or raquetball wear on the court because they have a strap that goes around your head and they’re made of plastic high-impact lenses that aren’t going to break or get scratched when you catch an elbow (or tree limb) to the face.

They’re not only great for down at the gun range, hiking, or other activities, but if you ever find yourself in a “bug-out” or other survival scenario, you won’t have to worry about breaking your glasses and being left to blindly fumble your way to safety.

3. Correct Your Vision

If you never considered laser-surgery, now may be the time because then you’d never have to worry about glasses. Problem is, surgery is pretty expensive and some people just don’t want to do it.

Another option is to do these 10-minute eye-exercises each day.

Shooters and athletes have used this technique to correct their vision without surgery and a buddy of mine who’s a competition shooter went from 20/70 vision to passing his driving exam without glasses AND improved his shooting accuracy and performance!

Most people think of their medical concerns in a survival scenario but often forget the other health factors that many take for granted.

Think about the services you won’t have after a collapse… and figure out a “plan B” now.

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