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How To Prep On A Budget – Saving On Survival Gear!

Let’s face it…

“Super storms”… natural disasters… pandemic threats… rolling blackouts…

More than ever, we face a number of ugly threats outside of our control that have the potential to turn our world upside down at a moment’s notice.

That’s why those of us who are “awake” to these facts are preparing for the worst.

Unfortunately, I’ve found that most people have trouble finding the money they need to do their prepping.

This causes many to hold off and wait simply simply because of the cost, so, instead of prepping, they just hope for the best.

Trust me… the last thing you want is to look your family in the eye during a life-threatening disaster and “wish” you’d done more to prepare when you had the chance, so here are…

3 Ways To Prep Your Survival Gear On A “Super Budget”…

blog post 4 20 2015

The first thing you must do is to actually budget in your “prep money”.

Most everyone – no matter how strapped – can free up a few bucks by looking at where you’re currently spending your income.

For example… skipping just one Friday night eating out could give you a good $30-$50 that could buy you a bunch of survival supplies that will be there to serve you LONG after that Friday night.

Go through your current expenses and see what you can free up temporarily while you take action on getting better prepared.

Now, here are some ideas of what to do to get the most out of your prepping budget …

1. Slightly-Used Survival Gear

Garage sales are a secret love of mine (I admit it!) and I’ve found LOTS of barely-used camping gear and tools for just a few measly bucks that are perfect for prepping.

I also scour my newspaper’s classified section for anyone selling guns, camp gear, or other items, as these people are really easy to bargain with because they’re trying hard to unload their stuff.

(BTW… both options will help you fine-tune your bartering skills!)

2. Buy “Generic” In Bulk

You don’t need name-brand supplies in order to be prepared.

In a disaster, generic macaroni & cheese is going to taste the same as the expensive name brand stuff and the cheaper tools at your local Walmart will do just fine when it’s time to board up the house or make short-term repairs.

Same goes for “bartering supplies” like cigarettes, coffee, and alcohol – the desperate won’t care if it’s the cheap stuff when they’re jones’n for a fix.

3. “Discount” Store Survival Gear

You can probably find quite a bit of simple supplies at those “Dollar Stores”, but be careful… I’ve found a lot of “almost expired” food items there and the quality of their goods is typically really really bad.

A better choice is a discount department store like Walmart because you can buy generic… in bulk… at a heavy discount… and they have everything from canned goods to weapons to camping gear.

In fact, someone even wrote an entire budget survival guide about “how to prep in one trip to Walmart” that’s a great resource for anyone who wants to be prepared quickly.

Jeff Anderson

Editor’s Note:
We received a lot of great info from readers about how WalMart is participating in the DHS “See Something, Say Something” initiative that helps target preppers as ‘potential terrorists’.

If you shop at discount stores like WalMart, it’s best NOT to do it in one <suspicious> trip, but rather split it up into a few trips to avoid being noticed.  It’s best to play it safe, but you can still follow the low-cost survival gear tips in this guide…


So you see, you DON’T need to go broke in order to prepare.

But waiting until a disaster is at your doorstep is just plain stupid.

Take these budget survival tips and put some action behind them NOW… before it’s too late.

What Other Discount Survival Gear Advice Do You Have?

Please Share Your Best Tip Below Now…

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