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MCS Podcast 59: Do-It-Yourself Barricades For Neighborhood Defense

When law enforcement is overwhelmed with keeping law and order down at the food riots and anti-police demonstrations, who will watch over the neighborhood you and your family live in?

Ask the Oath-Keepers and the brave Ferguson citizens who took matters into their own hands to protect the local homes and business from being another fireball victim of looters and arsonists.  The’ll tell you who.

In this on-going conversation with survival expert, Pat Henry, about “neighborhood defense”, we dig deeper into the simple ways you can build your own “fortress” around your home and – even your block – to give yourself a fighting chance.

DIY Barricades For Home Defense During Civil Unrest

Ferguson Looter Defense

Here’s what you’ll find in this week’s episode…

  • How to divide your defense plan into “sectors”.  Pat takes things outside of the typical military or security approach and brings your analysis right into your own neighborhood using today’s technology!
  • Building checkpoints and road barriers!  Keep the knuckleheads as far out as possible and you’ll keep them from getting within “Molotov” distance.
  • Various materials you can round up or scavenge to construct a perimeter defense that even vehicles will have a hard time penetrating!
  • Your “front-yard defense plan”!  How to delay mobs from reaching your front-door to give you time to build up a counterattack!
  • Fortifying your castle!  Time to take on the zombies who were savvy enough to get through your outer defenses!

You don’t need a bunker to be safe while downtown is burning to the ground.

But you DO need a plan… and this week’s broadcast is loaded with tips you can prep for right now!

Resources From Podcast:

What OTHER Do-It-Yourself Tips Do You Have For Fortifying Your Home And Neighborhood During Civil Unrest?

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