MCS Podcast 001: Improvised Weapons With Kevin Reeve

MCS Podcast 001: Improvised Weapons With Kevin Reeve

One of the keys to surviving is to always be armed and able to protect yourself and family in the absence of law and order.

In our premier podcast episode, survival expert, Kevin Reeve, reveals how to create your own improvised survival weapons from scavenged materials most people wouldn’t even think of.

Improvised Weapons For Any Occasion

Survival Podcast - Improvised Weapons

Here’s what you’ll discover…

  1. Why you need to design your own improvised weapon “tool kit” for your bug-out bag… and what to put in it!
  2. What you can learn from prison inmates on how to craft a makeshift knife using everyday materials!
  3. The importance of “slashing” weapons in a collapse and simple ways to design a weapon that will cut like a razor!
  4. The hidden “enemy” after a disaster that no one ever thinks of… and why Kevin’s examples of “penetration” weapons will keep this terror at bay!
  5. How a trip to any delapidated building or construction site can be like finding buried pirate treasure on an island (and amazing examples of what you should pick up)!
  6. The magic of “projectile” weapons… and sneaky ways to craft bows, arrows and other long-distance devices!

For more survival weapons tips, be sure to grab your free survival gear guide here…

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