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Strategic Relocation For Your Survival Retreat With Joel Skousen [# 011]

It’s an uncertain world out there…

Confronted by the dangers of everything from terrorism to a pandemic apocalypse, the smart survivors are doing more than just building up their home to weather the firestorm…

…they’re planning a secondary retreat “just in case”!

But you can’t just whisk the family off to the nearest campground in the bugout mobile at the first sign of danger.

You need a plan.

That’s where “strategic relocation” expert, Joel Skousen, comes in… and he has some amazing insight that you’re gonna want to grab onto and put into action!

Strategic Relocation | Joel Skousen

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Here’s what you’ll discover when you listen in:

  • The 3 most critical geographic and infrastructure factors you must look at for long-term sustainability if life as we know it ends forever!
  • How close should you be to an urban area when the fan blades turn brown?
  • Near or far? Distance considerations when you’re looking at your own bug-out evacuation planning.
  • Trade, commerce & the economics of your retreat location (and why they matter big time!)
  • Nuclear attack! The threat didn’t end in the 80’s and you’ll discover why retired CIA “insiders” are already building their own personal fallout shelters.

You don’t need a bunker under your bedroom (although a firepole entry would be pretty freakin’ awesome!)… but you do need a “Plan B” should things heat up in your area.

Joel is the head honcho when it comes to this topic and his advice will give you a serious headstart over your neighbors when all Hell breaks loose!

Do YOU have a “Plan B” survival retreat?

Please share your tips below on how to set one up…

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