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MCS Podcast 45: Survival Scouting Tactics With Kevin Reeve

Whether it’s a search-and-rescue mission to locate a lost child… or evading the desperate masses of zombie citizens after a collapse, your ability to “read” the land for clues is a skill that few survivalists ever prepare for.
Big mistake.

In this special broadcast, we speak with expert trainer, Kevin Reeve | OnPoint Tactical of OnPoint Tactical, about methods used by the legendary Apache Scouts that YOU can use to master the skills of “survival tracking”.

Survival Scouting Tactical Secrets Of The Apaches


Here’s what awaits you in this week’s episode…

  • How to train yourself to see more… sense more… and develop an invisible communication with the land around you!
  • Big mistakes made by most people that will never allow you to track another person’s movements when you need to be on their trail!
  • Secret signs to look for when tracking a lost team member or recovering supplies stolen by rogue “war parties” after a collapse!
  • How to employ “counter-tracking” skills to hide your movement when bugging out to safety!
  • Strategic tactics to find… approach… and “read” an area (especially urban zones) to avoid danger when on the run!

These are the survival skills very few will ever know about and Kevin really over-delivered with this over 1-hour brain-dump.

The only thing better is his personal scouting course he’s known for!


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