Most Preppers Think Shotguns Aren't For Survival. Here's One Big Juicy Reason That's A Mistake!

Most Preppers Think Shotguns Aren’t For Survival. Here’s One Big Juicy Reason That’s A Mistake!

Ok, I know that when you think about “survival weapons”, a shotgun probably isn’t the first thing that comes to mind, right?

Most serious survivalists haven’t.

They prefer an AR-15 style rifle instead and let’s face it… if you’re bugging out on foot, a shotgun can be too heavy and offer too little ammo load to be practical.

But this is why it’s so critical that you know how to construct a “complete” survival weapons plan.

You see, the bottom line is that you need the right weapon for the right job, right?

And there are lots of reasons you may want to re-think your choice of adding a tactical shotgun to your survival arsenal, and here’s a big juicy one…

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Survival Shotgun For Prepper Defense

If you’re in a “survive-in-place” type scenario where you’re staying in your home and riding out a disaster, your threats may be gangs… looters… or just adrenaline-charged anarchists on a rampage.

And probably the most likely time you’d be attacked is during the evening time when it’s dark.

In that case, your goal is to have an “early warning system” and defend yourself and your family from a distance (like at the perimeter of your property).

This is where a tactical shotgun can offer a distinct advantage!

Using “00 Buck” shotgun shells, you get about 8 or 9 “rounds” of approx. 9mm-equivalent pellets in each shell.

When engaging multiple attackers at a distance, the spread pattern of the pellets (especially at night and under the stress of attack) will be more forgiving than an assault rifle or handgun.

With a 00 Buck spread pattern, that means that not only do you have a better chance of hitting your target, but potentially even hitting MULTIPLE targets with one round (being conscious of your backstop of course – you don’t want your neighbors across the street to get hit with a stray!)

Whether you own a shotgun already… are thinking of one for survival purposes… or trying to decide what type of weapons will serve you the best… it’s all about your personal needs…

Customizing Your Survival Weapons Plan

As stated earlier, even though the shotgun is a powerful “perimeter and home defense” survival weapon, it’s not ideal for scenarios such as bugging out.

The weapon itself and ammo you’d have to carry is simply too heavy… too bulky… and too obvious (making you a target!)

Instead, you need a custom-tailored weapons plan in place should you ever be forced to evacuate your home and travel to a secondary safe location.

The key is to analyze your own survival weapons plan – based on a serious threat-assessment and integrated with a comprehensive response plan for each phase of a disaster, crisis, or collapse.

It doesn’t have to be expensive (in fact there are reasons why you DON’T want to spend a lot of money on weapons) but it does have to take into account your specific needs.

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