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4 Zombie Survival Hacks From “World War Z” Movie You Can Use In A Collapse

Last night, my wife, son and I sat down with a bowl of popcorn and an evening of the undead as we watched “World War Z”.

(My son and I love zombie movies… my wife loves Brad Pitt, so WWZ had something for all of us! LOL)

And you know me… always looking for the lessons, even if it’s in a movie, right?

Beyond the entertainment factor, there’s actually a very important scene in WWZ where Pitt and his family enter a looted grocery store to find some medicine for his asthmatic daughter.

And here are…

4 Zombie Survival Hacks From “World War Z”
To Survive A Real-World SHTF Collapse

World War Z Zombie Survival Tips


1. NEVER go to the grocery during public panic!

People are not in their right mind and the unprepared will resort to violence to get the food in your cart.

Stock up on food now so you can avoid that chaos.

2. Think beyond “food”

Don’t just store food… stock away any meds you take on a regular basis.

Do you or a family member rely on insulin? Asthma medicine? Other prescription drugs?

The meds you count on in peacetime won’t be available in a collapse and the hospitals and pharmacies are likely to be ransacked.

3. Don’t count on the police!

There’s a scene in WWZ where a cop walks right past the rifle-holding Pitt after shooting someone and goes straight for the baby food jars.

In Katrina we even saw uniformed officers with shopping carts right next to the looters.

This isn’t a knock against cops at all!

The reality is THEY have families to watch out for too and they need to take care of their own BEFORE facing the overwhelming public mayhem.

4. Always be armed!

Zombies don’t just come in the “flesh-eating” kind.

Pitt’s wife in WWZ is assaulted in the grocery store by 2 thugs who know there’s no one to stop them in the panic.

Rapes… beatings… arson… these are actual crimes we’ve seen during disasters and you’d damn well better be ready to take a life if needed.

Carry concealed or find an improvised weapon fast if caught up in the chaos.

What Other Survival Tips Did You Find In The WWZ Movie?

Share Your Observations Of The Tactics That Will Work Outside Of Hollywood…


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