MCS 230 - [Survival Q&A] Bug-Out Triggers & Martial Law

MCS 230 – [Survival Q&A] Bug-Out Triggers & Martial Law


It’s almost as important as “what” you would take with you should you be forced to evacuate due to a disaster or other crisis…

… it’s “when” you should leave!

Why? Because if you choose the wrong moment, you could find yourself trapped with all the other (less-prepared) evacuees in one big giant “highway mess”.

NOT where you want to be when cars are stalled in the middle of the road… with angry, frustrated citizens just looking for some schmuck to take their temper out on.

One of our New World Patriot Alliance members, Jim, had a question very specific to his geographical location and the threats he might face on the way to his “Plan B” safety retreat.

His question – and a summary of my tips – are all coming up in this week’s podcast episode…

What YOU Need To Know About BUGOUT TRIGGERS!

Bugout survival tips for a mass evacuation
Bug-Out Survival Tips For A Mass Evacuation!


Here’s What You’ll Discover In This Week’s Episode:

  • The one factor that’s even MORE important than your “survival plan”! (Unfortunately, it’s the same factor that most people – even “preppers” – ignore at their own peril!)
  • Jim already answered the question of “Where to go?”… but he’s surrounded by a unique geographical threat that could stop him from ever reaching his destination! His question about “evac triggers” is something everyone should take seriously.
  • Critical factors in your own “tactical bug-out assessment” (that you may not even know)!
  • I LOVE “FEMA CAMPS”!!!! But my reason “why” might just surprise you. 🙂
  • The #1 reason why most people who evacuate NEVER reach their destination… and the simple fix that will keep you moving while all others are stuck in their cars on the highway!

Jim REALLY has his act together on his own personal evac plan and you’ll do well to copy some of his own preps.

My additional tips will help you fine-tune even more to make sure you and those you love never have to worry about staying safe, even during a national crisis!

Resources Mentioned In This Podcast:

What Other Bug-Out Survival Planning Tips Do You Have For Jim?

Please Share Your Best Advice In The Comments Below Now…

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