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MCS 186 – Kevin Estela’s #1 Wilderness Survival Myth

All it takes in one single one trip around the internet…

Like any of the “tactical arts”, you’ll find a TON of tips, tricks based more on theory than actual experience.

And top of the list?

“Wilderness survival”!

And this is one of those areas where – if you fall for the regurgitated b.s. floating around out there – it could do more damage than actually save your life if you were stranded in a remote area.

That’s why my friend and survival expert, Kevin Estela, is going to be joining our New World Patriot Alliance members this month for an exclusive workshop where he’ll share his own personal list of the “Top 10” biggest wilderness survival myths that could get you killed in a real crisis…

… AND the straight truth on what it really takes to survive!

If you’re an NWPA member, be sure to get this workshop on your calendar…

… and if you’re not an NWPA member (yet!), I asked Kevin to jump on this week’s podcast episode to share his #1 frustration when working with students in his wilderness survival classes.

The Wilderness Survival MYTH You Probably Believe!

Now, I’ll be the first to admit that I’m NOT the ultimate expert in the best wilderness survival advice.

I don’t know which plants to eat… I can’t catch a bear with paracord and a spork… and starting a fire by banging two rocks together has always been an exercise in futility.

Sure, I’m confident I’d survive in the most remote area with what little experience I’ve gathered and a rock-hard will to survive.

But I’d much rather lean on the real-world training and experience of the other experts within our network.

Kevin’s answer was pretty surprising to me… but I get it (and I’ve seen it in other tactical training as well).

Listen in to this week’s broadcast and see if you have this same frustration (or maybe it even applies to you?).

What Other Wilderness Survival Myths Do You See On The Internet, In Magazines, And T.V.?

Please Share Your Own Frustrations Below Now..

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