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MCS 207 – Looter Defense Lessons From The Puerto Rico Collapse

In September of 2017, Hurricane Maria obliterated Puerto Rico’s already feeble infrastructure.Hundreds of thousand of people were still without power at the beginning of this year, and thousands more struggle without the necessities of life months after the storm.

In other words, what happened in Puerto Rico illustrates EXACTLY the type of collapse we need to prepare for!

When that happens, the number of various threats you’ll face GREATLY increases – from providing for your basic survival needs to being your own “protector” for you and your family as the world crumbles around you.

And one of the biggest threats you’ll face in a collapse?


Last week, we did a deep-dive LIVE “Master Class” with survival/combatives instructor and disaster response Team Leader, Russ Adler (who had boots on the ground in PR after the disaster) for our New World Patriot Alliance.

In this Master Class, we covered critical lessons learned from Puerto Rico’s crisis and shared specific strategies you can use to protect yourself and those you love when crime and looting engulfs your area in a collapse or crisis.

So for this week’s podcast episode, I decided to share a short section from our NWPA Master Class on how to survive looting and crime after a disaster, collapse, or other crisis.

LOOTER DEFENSE LESSONS From The Puerto Rico Collapse

Looter Defense Survival Puerto Rico
How To Defeat Looters In A Collapse!

Here’s What You’ll Discover In This Week’s Episode:

  • How “Average Joe’s” can turn into societal predators… right before your eyes!
  • “Weird” looter targets? Why the least-expected locations can be the hottest “war zones” for civilians!
  • “Soft” vs. “Hard” targets: Real-world strategies to keep the crosshairs off of you and your family when the rule of law crumbles around you.
  • Historically, this one single looter defense tactic has been the most critical life-saving factor – even when the streets are filled with violence and buildings are burning around you!
  • Better than an AR-15 in a collapse? Sadly, even the best “armed” patriots are falling short when it comes to planning their home defense during a collapse. Russ shares what’s FAR better than even the best tricked-out AR!

Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that “collapse” only happens to “other people”.

Whether it’s due to a devastating natural disaster… a grid-down blackout… financial collapse… or any other wide-scale national crisis, the lack of resources and infrastructure our society has grown dependent on could virtually vanish overnight.

And when the “wolves” of our society are unleashed, these proven tactics from Russ will help you keep you and those you love safe from harm!

Resources Mentioned In This Podcast:

Are YOU Prepping For “Looter Defense” In Your Survival Plan?

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