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MCS 246 – “Geo-Customizing” Your Survival Plan

What do you think of when you visualize your own personal disaster response plan?

Well, that picture changes depending on if you’re living “out in the country”… or you’re sunk deep inside of a city, right?

And of course, so do the challenges and threats you would face depending on your location.

Failing to take your environment into account – failing to accurately gauge your own personal “survival threat matrix” – could be a critical mistake in building your survival plan…

..and in the world of survival, making a mistake COULD mean life or death – for you AND those you love and are depending on you to protect them.

In this week’s podcast episode, survival expert, Russ Adler, will reveal how to accurately assess the threats your environment poses… and fine-tune your own survival plan to shift the odds in your favor.

Crafting A Custom Survival Plan For Where YOU Live

Customizing Your Survival Plan
How Does WHERE You Live Affect Your Survival Odds?

Here’s What You’ll Discover In This Week’s Episode:

  • Why a “one-size-fits-all” approach to survival planning is a big, giant mistake for truly prepared citizens!
  • Think you’re safe out “in the country”? You might want to re-think your options after learning what you really face when the “S hits the F”!
  • “Urban survival” – Little-known threats that even “city folk” might not have on their radar.
  • Austere environments… what are they… and what do you need to know about what you’ll face in these zones.
  • The ultimate bug-out survival matrix – how to make sure you can survive in ANY environment – under any conditions – when moving in and out of unknown areas.

We can all get nice and comfy in our familiar surroundings… but there could be unknown threats that can crop up at the most unfortunate times.

Use Russ’s advice to take your own survival plan to the next level based on your personal threat factors.

Resources Mentioned In This Podcast:

What OTHER Survival Factors Are Important To Consider In Your Geographical Area?

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