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U.S. Military Announces “SHTF Doomsday Plan” To Prepare For Infrastructure Collapse!

It’s really no secret by now, is it?

There have been enough intelligence leaks and close-calls about the number of attacks on our country’s electrical grid that the majority of America now realizes that we’re a constant target for our enemies who realize that our old, outdated power network is struggling to stay together despite all the duct tape, bubble gum, and hope we try to patch it up with.

And yet, year after year, nothing much changes.

Our electrical grid is still vulnerable… our water system is still vulnerable… and the NSA has testified before Congress that China is capable of cyber-attacks that could cause ‘catastrophic failures’ of either of these.

That’s why our government has already been working on their response – but it may surprise you to know what that plan is…

The Threats Are Clear… No One Knows When An Attack Will Come… And Perhaps The Biggest Warning Sign Of What’s To Come Is…

…The U.S. Military Is Building Their Own “Doomsday Plan” For SHTF Survival!

Military SHTF Survival Plan

[NEWS]  The research division of the Pentagon (Darpa) and the US Army War College is taking the threat of an attack on our energy sectors very seriously in official shtf response reports.

But we’ve already seen how fast things move in government, which is why their “back-up plan” is to put in place the resources needed to deal with a “worst-case grid-down scenario”.

The one thing that CAN be done without legislation is (drum roll please…) order military action.

Makes sense, right?

I mean, law enforcement will be stretched way too thin to contain the riots and chaos that we expect as resources run dry, so the military will be have to be called in just to maintain order.

Martial Law Will Be Declared… Food And Supplies Will Be Severely Rationed… Firearms Could Be Confiscated For “Public Safety”…

In A SHTF Scenario, It Will Suddenly Be Very, Very Dangerous For You To Be The Only “Prepared” Person In Town! 

Look, being “prepared” means that you’re not running around in a panic, joining the mile-long line of locals begging for government handouts.

Trust me when I tell you from experience that these food and water distribution locations are virtual powder kegs of potential violence and all it takes is one spark – just one knucklehead who’s pissed that he didn’t get an extra granola bar in his goodie bag – to start acting out and rile the entire crowd into a dangerous frenzy.

So, when the grid goes down and things get really, REALLY bad, I recommend a “3 color strategy”

1.  Go “Black” (At Night)

With cities and towns painted pitch black (without fuel, you won’t even see car headlights), eyes will naturally be drawn toward any source of light.

People will think, “If they have light, they probably have food too!”

Neighbors will beg.

Looters will attack!

Here’s What To Do:

My first recommendation is to get used to operating without lights or power of any kind.

Frankly, in the military, we rarely used lights at all for the same exact reason – to avoid “enemy” targeting.

But if you insist on using any kind of alternative power source and run your home’s lights, I highly recommend you have several industrial-weight black trash bags and duct tape on hand to cover windows at night and stay covert.

If you do use flashlights, follow the same military practice we used and add a red or green lens-cover because these can’t be seen from as far away.

2.  Go “Gray” (During The Day)

Without endless clean water coming out of citizens’ faucets, people will need to conserve what water they can find.

That means getting used to not showering or washing dirty clothes.

With food resources scarce, your local townsfolk’s very appearance will be transformed more and more each day – sluggishly scavenging for supplies with faces withdrawn from lack of nutrition and a “mopey” look as depression and hopelessness creep in (I’ve seen this so many times).

Here’s What To Do:

Don’t travel outside if you don’t have to!

But if you must, your goal is to “look like them” and blend in so you don’t stand out as someone who’s “prepared”.

One trick you should consider is to keep a set of really dirty clothes you can wear.

You can also opt for a “disguise” and put a thin layer of white camouflage paint on your face to look sorta “sickly”.

Also, if everyone else smells like ass and you smell like a bar of deodorant soap, you’re definitely going to draw unwanted attention… so follow the same hygiene standards as the locals and don’t be afraid to get a little grubby.

3.  Go “Blue” (When The SHTF)

When desperation and panic sets in, those who haven’t prepared for life without basic needs will be rioting in the streets, demanding that the government “do something.”

And all the while, the “wolves” of our society will run wild, preying on the weak by looting, setting fires, and assaulting citizens with little chance of ever being caught and held accountable.

And it’s not just criminal gangs that you need to look out for as the lines between the “good guys” and the “bad guys” can get pretty fuzzy when the “rule of law” gets flipped upside down.

The bottom line is that, if things start heating up and violence and looting consume an area, your home may not be the safest place for you to be anymore.

Here’s What To Do:

No matter how well you’ve planned to “shelter in place”, you absolutely MUST have your own “Plan B”.

That means having every family member’s bugout bag packed and ready to grab-and-go… a location picked out… a safe route mapped… and a stockpile of reserve gasoline that will get you there.

But please keep this in mind…

It’s absolutely critical that – if you’re forced to evacuate your home to find a safer location – you stay covert and avoid being seen as a “target”.

Your bugout bag is a good example…

While all the tacti-cool zombie-slayers out there love to play soldier and get all blinged-out in camouflage gear and armaments, all this does is scream, “Please come shoot me and take my stuff!”

Skip the camo-printed gear and other “military-colors” and go with a color that looks more recreational and less like something a soldier.

For example, I designed all of our “extreme evac system” line of gear to use a specific shade of blue (which is more on the “indigo” side), we refer to as “Covert Color Spectrum” (or CCS).

You see, unlike camo prints – or even black – this color blue isn’t readily picked up by the human eye under low-light conditions.

So, when you’re outside your home, wear clothing that’s dark-to-medium blue to become virtually “invisible” at dusk, down, or nighttime.

Overzealous Squads Of Makeshift Militias… Angry Mobs Of Protesters… And A Growing Swell Of Desperate Locals…

The Military Has A Plan. Do YOU?

Desperate times create desperate people in a land “without rule of law” (WROL).

That’s why it’s so important for you to consider “how” you’re prepping, just as much as “how much”.

The “smart survivalist” considers all the factors real-world experience has shown us about what to expect in a SHTF scenario – and the reality of a growing swell of desperate locals who think it isn’t “fair” you’re not sharing your preps when THEY and their own families are suffering so much.

And if the military is planning for putting boots-on-the-ground following a “collapse” scenario, shouldn’t you be planning your own tactical response?

Damn skippy you should! 🙂

What Are Some Other Signs You’ve Noticed About How The Government Is Preparing For Collapse?

Please Share Your Observations Below Now…

  • Army War College and the National War College, but what is the American War College?

    • Nice attention to detail JR! The report Jeff mentions is an Army War College, Center for Strategic Leadership offering. My guess is that autocorrect “helped” by replacing the word “Army” with “American”. While he wouldn’t have attended Army War College during his 10 years of service as enlisted, I’m sure he’s certainly aware of the organization. For those who are prepared to dig deeper, the actual report is linked.

      • Avatar photo Jeff Anderson says:

        Thanks David! Error corrected! 🙂

    • Avatar photo Jeff Anderson says:

      Ooops! Fixed… actually the US Army War College (hoo-ah!) :-). Thanks for catching that JR!

  • Hardening of city infrastructure in high traffic areas, power, water but not to residential areas. Placement of Sub systems of power generation eg diesel generators capable of producing more than 1500 kW in locations that have little value other than somethings that shall not be named. The US looks the same in most cities one big corporate hell scape. Look at areas that have waliworlds, home depo’s, lowes big chains and get a map and think strategically. Most are capable of being tuned into huge operating positions (the control of food.) Structures and roadways made into checkpoints capable of having armed over watch positions. Devices mounted on buildings that have multi offensive uses/battlefield interrogation capabilities. Electronic surveillance infrastructure in road ways, stores so when you pass by your phone, car fob, RF tags in your everyday items purses, shoes ex ex are identifying your geo-spacial data with out you knowing. Most of the above is a massive oversimplification of the full extent of the worlds problems. Drones flying in the city big ones that can fly quiet and low. Not the Obomba drones but a smaller drones. Iv clocked one going what seams like over 70mph I couldn’t keep up with it. A platform like that with thermal 700 yards up. Your gona have a bad time.

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