MCS 155: Wilderness Survival Top 5 Lessons Learned

MCS 155: Wilderness Survival Top 5 Lessons Learned

Last week, my 15 y.o. son and I took a backcountry canoe trip – just dad and son – deep into the Adirondack Mountains of upstate New York.

It was a great opportunity to not only bond with the best kiddo on the planet (ok, I’m a bit biased), but also to train him in some wilderness survival skills (such as land navigation, fire-starting, shelter-building, etc.)

But sometimes the best lessons come from the mistakes we make, right?

Well, this week I thought I’d share our personal story, as well as the “top 5” lessons learned from our trip… including my personal screw-ups!

Top 5 Lessons Of Wilderness Survival

Wilderness Survival Tips And Lessons

Here’s What You’ll Discover In This Week’s Episode:

  • Why good weather and ideal conditions can be your downfall when you’re preparing for “go time”… and what to do NOW to save the suffering later!
  • The “bug-out bag” mistake so many preppers make that – when fixed – can help you quickly adjust to changing conditions at a moment’s notice!
  • Metal vs. Mother Nature!  Nothing could stand in the way of the “beast” I would never leave behind… and it saved our bacon when we needed to bend the forest to our will!
  • Sometimes Mother Nature wins!  Try as you may, there will be times when certain essential survival tasks won’t be possible (or worth the effort).  That’s why you need a “back-up plan” and this one little survival gizmo I’ll tell you about was a God-send during the pouring rain!
  • How I royally SCREWED UP by not taking my own advice! Super simple mistake… that had me carrying unnecessary weight the entire trip!  Ugggh!

I’d love to hear your OWN “lessons learned” from mistakes you’ve made in your training or trips.

So be sure to leave a comment below about your challenges (and successes!) so we can all learn together…

Resources Mentioned In This Episode:

Help Your Fellow Survivalists Learn From Your Own Successes (And Screw-Ups)…

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