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Did You Lose Your Coffin Full Of Weapons? You Can Claim Your 43 Death Gadgets In Florida.

There it was. Just sitting in the Florida woods.

A wooden coffin, possibly homemade, filled with “survival weapons” such as a  crossbow… swords… a vicious bat covered in spikes… axe handles… and strangely – a pair of barbecue tongs and some metal forceps.

It was an odd find for police to discover and had no apparent explanation.

But you and I have a pretty good guess, don’t we?

Police Find Coffin Of Survival Weapons In Florida

Arming Yourself For The Apocalypse

You and I both know that there are plenty of reasons to prepare for a collapse, right?

You know that between extreme weather events… civil unrest… pending problems with our economy… power-grid failure… (and any number of other potential crisis that threaten the very structure we base our lives on) could give way at any moment.

Well you’re not the only one.

The fact is, other people are preparing for defense during a collapse with whatever weapons they can find.

Any weirdo who thinks the zombies are coming can fill a coffin with crossbows and broadswords… and if you think he can’t kill you and take your stuff if he really tries, you’re wrong.

Everyone has the potential to be armed and dangerous.

When a collapse happens, there are lots of zombie fanatics, anarchists, gangs, militias, and just plain nutjobs who are going to roam the streets with no survival plan other than preying on whomever they can find.

Advanced Survival Weapons Planning

Sure you’ve got to be armed to deal with these whacks when the shit hits the fan, but most survivalists think it’s all about the hardware.

You’ve got to be smarter than that.

What you truly need is a “multi-layered” survival weapons plan based on the different phases and scenarios you may encounter.

You don’t need to spend a ton of money on assault rifles and ammo (in fact, I follow a “cheaper is better” philosophy).

But you must take into account “stopping power”… resupply… durability… the enemy you face… avoiding detection… etc.

Think outside the box (or coffin) and consider your best options for all scenarios.

If you don’t already have the supplies and weapons you need to defend yourself when an “event” happens, you’re not going to be able to acquire them during the chaos.

All the good stuff will either be scooped up by panicked shoppers (or looters).

The time to prepare for an emergency is BEFORE it occurs.

(And keep your eyes open for the owner of that coffin!)

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