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Survival Weapons: The Handgun For Close Quarters Combat

In a disaster or collapse scenario, there’s always an element of danger.

This is because violence is all around in such a situation.

That violence could be caused by looters, gangs, or even just your fellow citizens.

The worst comes out in human beings during times of desperation, and that’s when you need survival weapons for close quarters combat.

Handguns definitely have their place in that type of survival scenario.

One of the things that makes the handgun ideal is that it is easy to conceal.

When you’re in a survival scenario, you want to lay as low as possible.

You don’t want to do anything that will get you noticed.

A handgun can be hidden on your body and only deployed when you need it.

Man aiming pistol gun at night. Closeup.

Your Survival Weapon Is Also A Target

This is extremely important, because your survival weapons aren’t just weapons.

They are liabilities, too.

If your neighbors, passers-by, the authorities, or anyone else trying to survive the emergency happens to see that you are armed, they will conclude you are better equipped… and they will want what you have.

They’ll use force to take it.

Walking down the street with a rifle like an AR15, you are obviously pretty well armed.

You’ll also be giving away a lot to anyone who sees you.

They won’t just know that you have whatever equipment is visible.

They will assume, based on the fact that you’ve taken the time to equip yourself at all, that you may have other things on your person they cannot see.

You’re basically waving a flag that says, “I am not the average person.”

You definitely don’t want to stand out that way.

A concealed pistol is easy to draw from concealment.

There is plenty of training available to teach you to do this.

With practice, you can draw and fire your survival weapon relatively quickly.

There are even competitions devoted to developing this type of close quarters combat.

Disadvantages Of The Handgun

Handguns do have their disadvantages as survival weapons, however.

They don’t have the same amount of range that long guns do, which should be obvious.

They’re shorter and therefore harder to operate compared to a two-hand weapon.

And they don’t stand up to diverse environments as well as some long guns do.

A typical assault rifle or pump shotgun is designed to withstand various adverse environments.

An AK will keep going even when it is filthy.

A pump shotgun is nearly impossible to jam unless you fill it with mud.

But a typical handgun will start to jam once it gets dirty, and when you’re outdoors in a bug out, survival situation, your survival weapons will be exposed to a lot more dirt, debris, and other problems.

The handgun, therefore, is a compromise.

It is easier to hide but doesn’t help you keep your distance as well as survival weapons that are harder to hide.

The survival handgun is, however, an extremely effective close quarters combat weapon.

It deserves consideration, therefore, when you select the survival weapons that will protect you and your family in an emergency.

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